Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kiddie-Poos

I know a lot of other brides struggle with whether or not to invite children to the wedding. We did too. At first I was like, "Absolutely not! No rugrats allowed!" Then I thought about having a flower girl and how can you have a flower girl and no other children? Well, that seemed ridiculous to me. But what we finally decided (after much debate and struggle) was this: the whole reason we were even having a wedding was because we wanted our closest friends and family to witness our union. We believe that the people we invited to our wedding will be those people who stand up for us through thick and thin. We think that when the going gets rough, these folks will be around. Many of these people we love and adore have children, especially since The Candyman and I are thirty-something. Lots of our friends got a running head-start on the procreation thing. In some cases, if we didn't invite the kids, the parents probably couldn't come. All that just seemed to negate what The Candyman and I were trying to achieve with our wedding in regards to the importance of family.

We were quite lucky that our venue offered the perfect solution. Since we had a whole house buy out at Mere Bulles yet we did not need all the space, we were able to sequester the kids away upstairs. It turned out AWESOMELY! One of the rooms upstairs had a drop down movie screen. So we hooked the ankle-biters up with a few DVD's, a kid-friendly menu and a few babysitters. Have I mentioned the babysitters? No? They are none other than fellow local brides Miss Kriss and Sarah Elizabeth!
Look how effin' cute they are!

These wonderful ladies came to my rescue in my hunt for babysitters! I was trying to go through a service to get some reliable sitters, but that was a dead-end. I did not want to sign up and pay for some lame service since I only needed babysitters for ONE NIGHT! And guess what folks? When you don't have kids, sitters can be hard to come by. I definitely wanted someone over the age of 18 so some of my friend's high school kids were not in the running. I was stumped as to how to find anyone. I was complaining to Miss Kriss one night at the gym (she was such a wonderful sounding board!) and she totally offered to help me! She enlisted Sarah Elizabeth and I was all set! You guys (meaning Miss Kriss and Miss SE) totally rocked my world with your willingness to help out a fellow bride-in-need! Many thanks to you both.

As I mentioned before the wedding I had a kid's table all planned out. Their favors were old skool Cracker Jacks and I had a massive centerpiece filled with candy. From what I hear, the kids were totally jacked up on candy all night long. Sweet!

It looks like this had already been raided.

Look at this little puffin face! How cute, right? I love how Mere Bulles hooked them up with kids cups too!

The Flower Girl and her brother reach for a well-deserved treat.

After the adults had finished eating and toasts were made, we invited the kids down for cake and dancing. A few of the older kids wandered down, but most of them stayed upstairs for the most part. Here are the Flower Girl and her brother again, totally zoned out on a movie.

Although, some kids definitely wanted to get their boogie on. I couldn't resist this one as a dance partner.
I find a few things odd about this shot. First, I'm clearly gettin' down with my girl. Second, the parents watching? Not her parents. Third, is my mom standing barefoot? I think this was at the end of the night anyway, but it sure was fun. I do remember I was dancing to a song that I LOVE to dance to, Blame It On the Boogie by The Jackson 5. It's back when Michael still had black skin, a real nose and Tito was stylin'.

Craving Michael's sweater vest and belt. Hot.


  1. Wow. Next to Sarah, I look like quite the giant...

    By the way, I just have to say that the kids table was such a HUGE hit! Personally, I was in heaven. There were movies, and dancing, and even a ridiculously large candy jar! :) Not only were there kid friendly menus and place cards, but there were also ice cream sundaes all around!

    It could've quite possibly been the most fun I've ever had at a wedding! ;) But judging from the photo, maybe I should've left my stilettos at home...

  2. Cute idea for the kids’ table! Love it!

  3. such a great idea! can those awesome girls be my babysitters too? :)

  4. I love this idea! We have two children of our own and I have 4 neices and nephews and plenty of other kiddos in my family so eliminating them was not an option. We have a room called "the library room" (there isn't a book in sight so I'm not sure why it has that name, LOL) that the kiddies will be in. They have a plasma tv & dvd player on this rolley-cart thingy majig that we are going to hook our Wii up to and let the kids have at it! I hired two teen sitters who are both 17, I hope they will be ok.

    How nice of your fellow brides to help you out! The best of both worlds!

  5. That is the most awesome kid friendly thing I have EVER seen at a wedding. Your friends must love you!

    P.s. Love that song, and that shot of you guys dancing to it!

  6. Well, if you're gonna get it down with some shaggin', you gotta take your shoes off!!!

  7. The kids' room was great, and the FG and her brother loved the babysitters as much as they loved the candy.

  8. Super cute pics! And I totally agree about the kiddos, marriage is about your community as well as you and your hubby.

  9. I'm a 30-something bride and this is a post I have needed to read! I have been stressing out about the whole kid thing !! This was a great idea. I have heard of a kids room but it's nice to hear it from a point of view of someone who wasn't too sure about having kids there in the first place. How did you present the idea to the parents?

  10. What a great idea! And thanks for reminding folks that, before there was the moonwalk, there was the Michael Jackson Spin.

  11. These are the good pics of the children. I really like these kind pictures.

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