Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've got a few things on my mind that maintain no cohesiveness whatsoever.

1. I realize that I have not finished the budgeting recaps. I'm waiting to get my pictures to recap all the other ooey-gooey love stuff and how the day went. I should have those pretty darn soon.

2. Christmas is a mere 18 days away. Holy effin' hell. I am SO behind. One of our neighbors has this electronic Christmas Countdown thing in their front yard. They put it up the day after Thanksgiving and it counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas in big red lights. I have to drive by it every day. That sign mocks me.

3. Why aren't the red Serrano peppers I need available anywhere? I have been to 4 grocery stores (including the K&S Mercado Internationale) and cannot find red ones, only green. WTF? Is there a "season" for the red ones?

4. I have a severe case of Blog Envy. It's true. There is a bridal blogger out there who I love. Everyone loves her. She's new on the scene and I'm super happy for her blogging success. However, the bitch refuses to follow me. I stalk her blog. I leave comments. I do all the things a fellow blogger should do and nothing. NOTHING. Why does this bother me? Because I want really cool people to like me. It's true. I'll admit it. We all do, right? The whole, "I don't care what other people think" is bunch of bullshit because if that were true, we'd all be getting married in sweats after The Top Chef finale. OK, well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my drift.

But seriously, why won't she follow me? Why doesn't she comment? I feel we are slightly similar in our styles and approaches, yet I get no love. None at all. I follow 80 bazillion blogs. I don't comment half as much as I should, especially to those who are regular Thirty-Something Bride readers (shout outs to A Los Angeles Love, Sarah Elizabeth, A Bride in Boots and Big Spoon, Little Spoon who always give me comment love). However, when I get into Google Reader, I get lost in the DIY blogosphere and the next thing I know, it's midnight and The Candyman gets pissed if I stay up too late and leave the lights on, etc. I can't help it - I get distracted by the likes of Design*Sponge, Poppytalk and iDIY.

It makes me sad (and slightly irritated) that I have this evil blog envy. Why cannot I just love what I have (like all you loverly followers!) and not what I don't have? Hm. Perhaps that was just an "aha" moment.


  1. I would marry you in sweats after Top Chef. In Vermont, of course.

  2. What they didn't tell you about blogland is that it's actually Jr High. It's been years since I felt this insecure and please-like-me-please-I-like-you-and-I'm-awesome-right?-Right? I've had this email conversation with a few other ladies out here when the insecurity/envy beast rears its ugly head. So I'm just going to say it:

    Louise, you are indeed sassy and awesome.

  3. First off, I love that alien change purse photo.

    Second, I LOVE your description of blogland. I find myself looking up to the cool kids around here quite a bit too, and I just got here. When someone posts a comment who I have been following for what seems like forever I feel a little Sally Field thrill, I must say - they like me, they really like me!

    Seriously though, your blog is great. Keep it up.

  4. as i read this i have 297 unread in my google reader and i'm trying to figure out how in the world i can give the proper love to each of them. so even if i don't get to all 297, i'll share my love with you. :)

    {ps - i read yours everyday, without fail, even if i have to skip the other 270ish.)

  5. You are awesome! I am totally in blog envy mode right now, too. I know what you mean you want the cool people to like you and you want everyone to like you. I like you and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  6. Well I just so happen to envy the way you post more than once every two weeks like myself, so you never know who is looking up to YOU!

  7. I love your blog! I read it everyday and sometimes try to catch up on what I missed before I found it :P You were the first Nashville bride I found blogging and I'm always tickled pink when you post on ours. Keep up the good work!

  8. I feel the same way and wonder why certain bloggers that I comment on regularly don't comment back but oh well. I just try to appreciate the girls that do comment.

    I think your blog is awesome and I'm just sad I didn't find it sooner!

  9. ok... regarding number 2 on your list. my suggestion is destroy the sign in the middle of the night. not fun. not festive. quite stress provoking.

    You're cool even if the bridal blogger hasn't got her head out of the sand to follow you... whoever she is.!!!

  10. Ha - that giant purse is in Melbourne - I've sat on it!

    That big count down clock would be stressing me out - I've only got 22 days to go to the wedding - have barely thought about Christmas - Eeekkk!

    I know how you feel about the 'big' bloggers never commenting. I'm only small time (16 followers) so you are like the big popular one to me! I make a point to comment on peoples blogs if they comment on mine. I feel like it's just polite. It doesn't take much to comment - even if it is only once. No excuse!

  11. you are absolutely hilarious...love your blog!

  12. AW! Thanks errybody! Y'all are too sweet!

  13. Aw, yes...I can relate. The snoopy countdown sign: destroy it! I see them all over our little city. And the blog love, I feel the exact same way. There are so many blogs I follow and I try to comment on every one as much as I possibly can. And when I see a popular one that I always comment on who never stops by mine, it just makes me think - What the hell did I ever do to you?!? But you know what? There are way too many fantabulous followers and commenters to let the 'popular' ones bring you down. As said before, it's about the quality and not the quantity :) Btw, I am a new follower and happy to have found you.

  14. L, jhs cool kids/bloggers suck. I think it's common courtesy to at least check out if not follow people that comment (and I don't personally get why some bloggers are so popular). I've started unfollowing lately (eek). Some bloggers seem like they're always trying to sell something or are just TOO "I'm the best bridal blogger ever" kwim? Of course I worry if my semi-personal, hopefully helpful posts still interest people.

    You CAN rise above it and sooner or later you'll just fall out of blog love if the blog doesn't love you back.

    You are awesome and I thought that was already obvious?!

  15. see everyone loves u! no worries :)

    u definitely made me laugh with your description of blogland though. i myself have anxiety that i'm not commenting enough or posting about things that anyone cares about. it's even more challenging now because, after a slow year at work, things are finally starting to pick up so i'm not able to check in as much as i'd like to. ugh and also i'm in this weird i'm married, so now what? phase. what direction should i take my blog in? will anyone still like me??? the anxiety it produces is really pathetic.

    u keep doing what u do girl. ur perfect the way u r and this blogger chic, whoever she is, will one day wake up and smell the coffee :)

  16. Im a lurker who hardly ever comments. This post and comments made me realize some people take that personally so I'll try to do better.

    Don't worry. I, for one, like your blog!