Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday

Oh, the wish is easy today! It's for TIME! The tick is tocking, and I do not mean the one associated with babies!

I had abandoned the idea of DIY personalized match boxes, but I'm rethinking the idea and I'm placing that blame on The Graphics Fairy. If you aren't familiar, you should be!

She has awesome FREE graphics for personal use. There are limitations, so just know her rules before you download, etc.

I found this super-cute antique style frame that I added my own text to. I dropped the image into a template I made in Word that will fit and cover the match boxes. I'm not totally loving it, but it's close. The font needs to be bigger and I might rotate the whole thing. The date falls on the spine of the match box and then the other text on top and bottom of the box.


She also has this vintage Marriages list that I simply love! Go get lost on her blog. It's worth the time sucker.


Thoughts? I could really go to town on this if I just had some more TIME!!! Anyone know where I can get some more?

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