Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pie on a Stick

I'm a big fan of My Simple Details. You might be familiar with her wedding. It was perfection. In Bali. The only reason I even know about it is because my very good friend Marie went to the amazing wedding and took my other friend Michele. At that wedding, my friend Marie met the bride's twin brother. They have been together ever since and of course, I will get to meet him at my wedding! I doubt my own wedding will be as fabulous as Vicki's, but as long as my friends are there with me, I'll be a happy camper!

Just so you have the back story as to why I am referencing My Simple Details, other than the fact that it's a cool blog. So kudos to Vicki for the below information. If you're a DC bride, I'd say call her to plan your wedding.

You guys know I kinda hate to take stuff from other peoples blogs and put yet another blog in the blog-o-sphere, but sometimes, ya just gotta. Dancing processionals? Yes, of course. Pie on a Stick? I just gotta. I'm even using the same title. That's sad. But it's PIE ON A STICK! How could I not lead with that, right?


Yes, please. For a wedding or any damn occasion. Pie on a stick sounds fabulous. Go here for the amazing instructions and kick ass photography.

Mmmmmm. Pie.


  1. That looks delicious- especially in the fall! And what a gorgeous wedding slash amazingingly cool connection!

  2. OMG, could this get more ironic? Guess who sent Vicki the link for Pie on a Stick??!! And thanks for the shout out - we are SO excited for the wedding. Hopefully you'll be coming to ours sometime in the near future!!


  3. Mmm, I contemplated having frozen key lime pei covered with chocolate on a stick. Yummm.