Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've Fallen into the Internet and I Can't Get Out!

So you know how you can totally get lost in the blog-o-sphere? I do it all the time and it's a total time-sucker. I read about something cool and click on a link. Then I see something else on that site and then click on another link. Suddenly, I feel like I'm in the 70's Fabrege Shampoo commercial (and so on and so on and so on). Blogs are the worst. I mean, come on! They really are. I follow 80 bazillion blogs and want to read each and every post on every single one but I simply do not have the time. Especially now that I am in wedding crunch time, coupled with the fact that I'm working double-time to help keep my company afloat so that I can pay for said wedding! I just need a "pause" button for about a day. Maybe two.

I'm totally off track here. My point is that I got lost on the Internet the other day and found the cutest Etsy shop. It's called Natalie As Is. She doesn't have many item, but what she does have rocks. Hard.

look at the gorgeous handmade sketch books! I think these would be perfect for a registration book - or simply a wedding gift. Maybe for a bridesmaid? The paper is acid free, so could be used as a photo album too. Lovely. Just lovely.

The other really interesting this she has for sale are Cupcake Pamphlets. Uh, come again? What the hell is a cupcake pamphlet? This is:

She has 2 volumes of 3 eight-page pamphlets contains the illustrated recipes. The first volume has:

~ Marbled Lemon-Berry Cupcakes with lemon Chantilly cream

~ Earl Grey Cupcakes on pâte sucrée with dark chocolate filling, earl grey Italian meringue butter cream

~ Walnut Browned Butter Cupcakes with browned butter & Scotch pastry cream filling, white chocolate walnut glaze

These are handwritten recipes that are accompanied by watercolor and graphite illustrations. Ingredients are given in both weight and measure. The pamphlets are ink jet printed on 28 lb acid free paper and hand bound in a vellum jacket. So cool! I headed over to her Flickr page and found these examples of her mad baking skills!

Who else gets lost in the Internet? Do you find as many interesting things as I do?


  1. ME ME ME!!!! My husband staged an intervention last night. Apparently, I'm getting a little out of control...

    Have you stumbled onto Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas?? Make sure you have HOURS to spare.


    (ps. don't tell, but i liked your inspiration board best :)

  2. Me too! Its gotten worse since I started reading blogs via Google Reader. I seem to keep adding subscriptions every day!

  3. Holy cow those are adorable books! I have no idea what I will use them for but I'm smitten! I want one!! I also fall into the internet trap...that's probably why I feel like taking a nap right here at work!

    Great items!!

  4. I totally do this all the time too - one click then another and another and before you know it I have forgotten how I got there, where I came from and what I found on the way!

    I do love the handmade sketch books too!

  5. I get suckered into a lot through different blogs and Etsy.. Etsy is crack! j/k :)