Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Months to Go!

I am officially at the two month mark. On October 11th, I'll be meeting The Candyman "down front" at Owen Chapel.

I feel like there is so much to do and no time to do it! I'd post a "to-do" list, but I think it might freak me out a little if I saw it all in writing.

I have had a few thoughts as of late. I'll share.
  • I have to thank my MOH for the recent, sweet email.
  • I have to thank Tabitha now for all that she is doing to help me for free. I had a recent mini-crisis (OK, not a crisis, but perhaps a change of direction) and she stepped in today and just took care of shit. Thank God.
  • I have to thank Alecia for her humor and love and support. Good friends are just the best.
  • I want to thank my blog readers for their support and feedback. You are an incredible group of friends, family and total strangers who make my days brighter with comments, comebacks and witty repartee.
  • I love The Candyman something fierce!
Off to bed I go! I've got some great updates coming as soon as I can get the time to write them! Why, oh why, must my job interfere with my blog-world? Sigh....

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  1. Just remember that no matter what items don't get checked off your to do list or what part of the big day doesn't go according to plan - within reason, of course - you will still be Mrs. Candyman at the end of that day. And that is what matters the most. Nothing else really matters. Of course you know that - but I suggest it as a mantra to help you each day.

  2. 2 months?? WOW! I bet you're so excited!