Sunday, November 22, 2009


All right folks, here's the deal. I need some help. Today, The Candyman and I started discussing out Thanksgiving Day menu. We have decided that we are going to have The Newlywed Thanksgiving Feast and invite ourselves, naturally.

We are going to test out our new baby deep fryer and deep fry a small breast. The Candyman will make ham. We agreed on grilled broccoli with bleu cheese as the "veggie." Hardly a fibrous dish with all the cheese, but who cares. It's effing Thanksgiving!

I'll make a cranberry mousse and we might have dressing and biscuits. We still haven't figured out dessert, but we have decided to have a potato-off. We are going to see who can make the dankest potato dish. He makes some really dank mashed potatoes that totally beat mine so I'm going to have bring out the big guns. I know there are things I want to have in my potatoes:
  • Bacon (um, duh.)
  • Cheese
I think I have a running chance at the title of Potato Master if I also involve heavy cream, another pork, sour cream and maybe some bread crumbs of some sort. I want to make potatoes au gratin on crack. I've got my mom's recipe that is pretty darn nasty. There are cheese and bacon involved in that recipe, but I think he's had it before. I think he's expecting it.

I need a recipe. I need a deep, dark, dank potato dish that will bring The Candyman to his knees. I want it to be so good it'll make you wanna slap your momma. I've got one I'm thinking about, but want options. If you have a nasty-naughty-dirty potato recipe, please send it my way. Know a good recipe link, tell me that too. You can post as a comment or send to my email at You want me to win, right? You know I'll for sure feature the recipe here! :)


  1. you are too funny. i have nothing good to offer - just traditional southern buttery mashed potatoes like my mom and her mom and her mom before that made. they're good, don't get me wrong, but i'm not sure they can beat bacon. :)

  2. Louise, I always want you to win! Hmm, as for potato recipes, I can't help too much in that regard. But I did read some Betty Crocker comment that sour cream, ranch dressing, and bacon are a winning combination in potatoes.

  3. I love the way potatoes taste when I add a parsnip to them. Then do all the regular gooey stuff.

  4. I don't think I have any suggestions, but with all those potatoes, it sounds like everybody wins!

  5. So I kind of read "new baby deep fryer" and thought "Aahhhh - fried babies!!"

    And I'd go twice-baked fo' sho'.