Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday


I would like to know how it is humanly possible for me to still not have enough time in one day to get everything done I want to get done and not be up at 5am and to bed at midnight.

I want to know. There are freaky people who do that crap. Seriously. Does it involve methylamphetamines?I want to know.

Let's see, there' work.....always a pain in the ass. I try to get to the gym 3 times a week (yeah, last month I went TWICE...all month long. And I wonder where those extra pounds came from. I think
I know.) I get home, cook dinner (or nuke soup), read the mail, watch ONE nightly show, answer email, try to catch up on Google reader and then suddenly, it's like 10:30pm and since I'm old, I have to go to bed. How is that possible?

There are way too many thing I want to do. Like:

Sew veils for an Etsy shop
Make ribbon necklaces for an Etsy shop
Make hair toys for an Etsy shop
Start my Christmas cards
Start my Christmas shopping (OK, I have done that already)
Start going back to Bikram Yoga
Figure out my Christmas wrapping theme for this year (I like when it all coordinates)
Bake some banana bread with the frozen bananas in the freezer
Go see New Moon with The Candyman
Get a facial
Get a pedicure
Write my friend Abby her long over-due email
Figure out if I want to have a baby

You know, just stuff.
I wish I had more time. That's my wish on this Wednesday. I think I might have wished for more time once before on a wishful Wednesday. I can double-up, right? I think so. It's my blog, right? Right.
Happy Hump Day, party-people.


  1. I agree. I think you should make a list and prioritize (I love that we both love lists). Then mark them off one by one. The baby one might take more than 1-2 hrs on a Saturday. Just thinking ahead. Plan at least 3 hrs to figure that out.

  2. Ditto on the time thing. I have quite a list myself. Like tonight? I want to pay some bills, work on my dissertation, start a scarf, start Christmas cards, and watch an episode of Buffy. I might have time for two of them.

    But as for the last thing on your list? I didn't spend much time thinking about that one!

  3. But, um, it probably *is* worth some thought--as opposed to my method. Or lack of method.

  4. Mmm I'm with ya there girl. Not enough's a curse.

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  8. "Figure out if I want to have a baby."

    followed by

    "you know, just stuff."

    I love you.

  9. Girl - cross me off and go see new moon!!!!!!!!

  10. lol as I'm reading this I realize it's about 10:30 and I need to head to bed. I've eaten dinner, "watched" at a show while reading blogs, and washed some clothes...and my to-do list is still a mile long! Yea, I blame it all on google reader! :)