Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jimmy Choo Loves H&M


Just so you know, Jimmy Choo has paired up with H&M. All you lucky duckies who have an H&M where you live (Nashville, not so much), you'd better get there early. FYI:

"The retailer is expecting a crowd of bargain-hunting shoppers and will introduce a system where the first 160 people in line receive a bracelet that allows them into the designated collaboration area for a limited time.

After two hours, the designated area will be opened up for all customers, however, every customer will have a limit of buying no more than one size in shoes or garments or on piece in accessories per product per customer."

If you go and buy, please send me a picture so I can drool in jealously. Happy Shopping!


  1. L, totally hitting it up. What time do you think I can go? I live 3 blocks away from H&M - this overpriced closet does at least have a prime location.

  2. There's an H&M right next door to the Bridal Trunk show I'm going to tonight, so I'll try and hook you up!

  3. Ooh, and I forgot to tell you - I signed up for White Knot and there's a badge on my blog. I would NEVER have known about that if it wasn't for you. Wedding Planners for Wedding Equality!

  4. i've been totally planning on going...even picked out exactly what i want but i'm not sure if i'm up for it. i mean i know these girls will be crazy. and do i really want to deal with that on a saturday morning? :)