Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Venetian Nail Spa,

It has come to my attention that you suck. Yes, you. Voted Nashville's number one nail spa? Whatever. You suck. Here is why you suck:

1. I was there last the day before my wedding. I told you I was getting married. Yet, you proceeded to give me probably the worst nail tech and worst pedicure ever. She cut my nails too short. That made the polish hard to put on and she got it all over my skin. I made her re-do it, which she did not like. Too fucking bad, bitch. I'm getting married.

2. Her version of a foot massage (part of the Venetian pedicure/manicure for $47) was to move her hands up and down my leg aimlessly while she chatted in Vietnamese to the tech sitting next to her. THAT tech was going to town on her massage. I was more than jealous.

3. I went back today for the same mani/pedi. I wasn't feeling myself and wanted to indulge and relax. The pedicure wasn't too bad until he put the polish on. Normally, I wear really light colors. I went dark in honor of Fall. My nails were filed crooked (which is incredibly obvious with the dark color) and there is blood red polish on my skin.

4. They stuck me at a manicure table with my hands in those heated oven mitt things for 20 minutes! Four (yes FOUR) different techs came by and said, "I'll be right with you." Yeah, OK.

5. The tech who did my hands got irritated when I gave her my personal nail file to use (which I have been doing for the last 2 years). I have a glass one and it works better on my nails. It doesn't tear them up like the ones they use. And she got irritated with me?

6. She got polish on my skin too and didn't even try to get it off. My cuticles look like a hack-saw attacked them. How did I leave with more hang nails than when I walked in?

7. I barely gave her a 15% tip. WHY? Because it sucked.

I have given this place so many chances and they just treat you like crap. You try to complain and they just yell at you, heave huge sighs and acquiesce begrudgingly. I've never complained myself, but I've seen many exchanges there over the course of the 3 years I've been going there. I never wanted to deal with it, especially today.

I am a great tipper - upwards of 30% because I've been in the service industry and know that living off tips is hard damn work. I'm a regular there, but they act like they don't know me. God forbid Nicole Kidman walks in for the first time and they act like she's their new fucking best friend. But, no more. I am done. The whole mani/pedi thing is supposed to be a treat for me, an escape where I can happily read Us Magazine and find out exactly how fat K-Fed has become (my GOD, the boy is HUGE!).

I refuse to be treated like cattle - to be ushered in and out - only to find I've been prodded and branded with a new plastic tag as an earring. Screw that.

With Regards,
The Thirty-Something Bride

P.S. Any local folks know a good place for relaxing, indulgent mani/pedi's for UNDER $50?


  1. I have a great place in Hermitage. It's one of those next-to-the-Kroger types. But it's beyond amazing! A mani/pedi is $35 and they treat you like a queen. Instead of drying tables they have a back room w/dim lights and 2 Takemi Select chairs that massage all the way down to your calves. I might go tomorrow...

  2. There's a place across from the mall called Signature Nails. I've been there and like them much more than Venetian Nail Spa. It's smaller and not as hectic either. I've only been once, but I vaguely remember wine being offered to me at the beginning of my pedi too! Maybe try that one to see if you like it??

  3. i had a less than stellar experience there too. my little sister is in college and left a college-style tip. obviously we were together, and they talked about her, pointed at her, IN FRONT OF ME. i made her give more of a tip, but still, neither of us will ever go back. signature nails in green hills is my go to spot on that end of town, and there's a place in hermitage called the nail lounge (next to Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts) that i also love.

  4. I agree with Mrs. Smith! I have been going to Signature Nails in Green Hills for a couple of years now. I'm never disappointed. Granted, some techs give better massages than others, but my pedis are always nice and when I actually let someone touch my nails (no acrylics for this gal), they do a fine job.

    One tip though, call ahead and make an appointment on Fridays, even if its a few hours in advance.

  5. Sarah Elizabeth - what is the name of your place in the Herm?

  6. my place in franklin is unbelievable.


  7. Uh, duh, The Woodhouse Day Spa in Cool Springs! OK, it doesn't quite meet your under $50 requirement, but I get you a discount. The mani/pedi rooms are private - no one else for your nail lady to talk to! And they all speak English.

  8. I'm with Cassandra. Signature Nails, directly across the street from Venetian, is incredible! I'd go there any day over Venetian! (Ask for Ruby. She does great work!)

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