Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Worst of 2010

I was thumbing through the 2010 bridal collections and looking for divine inspiration for....something. I'm not sure what. Maybe I was just ogling the best of Zac Posen and Vera.

*le sigh*

At any rate, I found myself aghast at all that is hideous in the bridal world. Now, I get couture, I really do. I am a huge fan of the detail and workmanship that goes into and and I understand why it's so expensive. What I don't understand is why designers would choose to adorn the human body in a way that is so unattractive is beyond me. Beauty may be in the eye of the holder, but this is my blog and I say what's ugly around here.

Hi, Slut! Is that a whip in her hand? Just curious.

Lady GaGa meets Maddona circa Like A Virgin meets a small bag of sheer material.

Clearly, she pissed about something.

"This is ground control to Major Tom..."

I'm speechless. I can't even come up with a snarky remark. It's that bad.

But what about the bridesmaids? Oh, we've got those too.

She's the MOH. The maids are hiding in her skirt.

Merry Christmas!

Any bride who makes another woman wear a dress like this needs to have the ever-loving crap beat out of her.

So you know, I just thought I share some fashion faux pas with you. I'm not going to share the designers names with you simply because I would hate to promote The Ugly in any way, shape or form. However, all the pics are from here. It's not the photographers fault they had to shoot dresses that look like a bag of assholes*.

*Slang cred to Marizzle. Word.


  1. Oooh this is fun! Let's play this ugly dress game every day.

  2. LOL! Thanks for the shout-out, yo. I still don't think I'll ever feel as BOA-ish as that hangover made me feel. Except if I look at that feather duster dress for 5 minutes. Whew.

  3. So I shouldn't have bought the sheer dress with the matching whip for my wedding? DAAAAAAMMMMMIT!

  4. Your posts always make me laugh out loud! Those are some seriously awful fashions!

  5. I nearly spit my coffee upon seeing these (and reading your spot-on commentary.) And this is a gift who doesn't waste coffee. Sometimes I feel like the designers are seeing just how much wool they can pull over our eyes.

    Also, that sheer dress is similar to a Pnina Tornay (sp?) I saw on Say Yes to the Dress (on the show it had a full ballgown skirt) that went for ~$20K. I was horrified that the father bought the slut dress for his daughter and promptly felt like a scandalized old woman.

  6. WOW!! Yeah I dont understand when the girls on "Say Yes to the Dress" wear those sheer see through dresses...I think something is supposed to go under it! These are crazy ugly! Great finds for an ugly wedding dress post!

  7. these dresses are too much! heeheeee.

  8. oh i just laughed so hard out loud though im all alone! hilarious - these are like vintage bad bridesmaid dresses but even better because they don't even have the excuse of being dated - so horrible!

  9. Ah! The attack of slutty bride, and then I-swear-I'm-not-pregnant bride!

    I don't know why people buy this garbage.