Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bracelets, Clutches and Tiaras, oh my!

I hope I've got some local Nashville brides reading my blog because The Bride Room is having a Paris Trunk Show on May 1st and 2nd. Now I'm not sure about the "Paris" part because we live in Nashville (that was an attempt at humour, dear bloggers), however it will be featuring Debra Moreland. She makes pretty things like this:

Photo courtesy of Debra Moreland

I might have to go check it out! There's a 10% discount, so that will at least get in me in the door. Hm, I really like the hairstyle in the picture above and well as the head bling.

Check out this gorgeous Lucite clutch I found on Ruby Lane. It sold for $200 and it wasn't even signed. She guessed it to be a Wardley. It's sooooooo pretty.
Photo courtesy Ruby Lane

So ever since I signed up at Gartner Studios for my invitation templates and 50 FREE FONTS I've been getting some updates via email. I highly recommend doing this. Getting myself on a bunch of wedding email lists was the best thing I've ever done in this whole wedding planning gig. It's annoying, for sure, but all the information starts coming to you much more quickly than if you were hunting for things solo.

At any rate, Gartner Studios is having a 15% off any sale over $20. Here's a cute, personalized and inexpensive gift for only $14.00! Buy a couple of them as bridesmaid gifts and you save some cash. And guess what? The engraving is free. Booya. What a deal. Go here to find it!

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