Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something Blue

OK, so not technically "something blue," but work demands I churn out some color stories and these are mine to share! Blue is to die for and mixing and matching with turquoise, royal blue, robin's egg blue - whatever shade you can think off, is the name of the game. At least, that's what I'm designing!

Blue Tuxedos! I cut these out of a magazine and have no idea from where. If you know who these are, let me know so I can give props! Felt ring from Anthropologie only $12! Beaker-style vases tied with ribbon from Two's Company. Cobalt blue tea lights from Park Hill Collections. Ribbon wrapped cake stands (perfect for cupcakes!) also from Two's Company. Reclaimed redwood Adirondack chair from Viva Terra. Acrylic beverage dispenser from Pottery Barn (think self-serve signature cocktails!). This amazing antique lighter is an interesting (probably expensive) groomsmen gift. This one is a blue hard glass enamel with silver watch lighter from the late 1920's, by Juvenia in Switzerland. However, you can customize Zippo lighters here. Big, giant BLING! Rings by Henry Dunay, Elizabeth Locke and Slane & Slane.
Blue resin bangles from Twiggy Bangles on Etsy.
Happy Tuesday!

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