Monday, April 27, 2009

The Veil, Part Trois


I am so excited! I think it looks pretty good too. Since I'm still not sure how I'm going to wear my hair, I'm hoping for the best. In the end, I'll only be wearing it for the ceremony, so I'm not too up in arms about it.

The last bit of veil construction consisted mostly of just hand-sewing the lace to the tulle. I did a little at a time so I wouldn't get burned out or sloppy, both of which I have a tendency to do with hand-work. Using the Mettler Silk Finish Sewing Thread was a great idea given to me by my aunt, whom we call Sister (don't ask). I just happen to have a spool of ivory on hand! FYI - The one who dies with the most fabric/thread/yarn/floss wins! The best part about this thread is that it doesn't twist during handwork (meaning fewer knots).

Photo courtesy of Mettler.

The one tough part was splicing the lace where it had originally been joined at an angle on the mantilla. I wasn't happy about doing it, but I took my time and it came out OK.

After I had the lace all sewn on, I did a quick check in the mirror to see how it was falling and it looked fine to me! I went behind the lace (on the wrong side of the veil) and cut the tulle right up to the edge of the lace so that the lace was then free of the tulle backing. The lace hangs beautifully! I need to steam it to get it just right, but it I'm really excited that it came out so well.

Booty shot courtesy of The Candyman

I had The Candyman snap this so I could see how long it was in the back and I think it might be perfect as I believe my train starts right where the veil ends. Whew! I'll have to take The Veil to visit The Dress soon to be properly introduced. I wish I could introduce The Veil and The Dress to The Shoes, but those have yet to be discovered.

Photo courtesy of T30SB!



  1. Louise, love it! It looks like chantilly lace and is quite beautiful. I'm having so much trouble finding not super expensive nice lace. It's so awesome you were able to rework the mantilla lace!

  2. I'm absolutely drooling over this! What a wonderful story! It's going to look so great with your dress! --Erin

  3. Wow you made this?! It's beautiful!