Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Dress - Round Four and TKO!

The following day I made an after-work appointment at Arzelle's in downtown Nashville. I had previously avoided the shop as I was fairly certain they would be out of my price range. I spoke to Leslie and she assured me I could find something under $1000. I arrived on time and Leslie had already pulled a few dresses in my price range. I added to the bunch and got to the task of trying on, rejection, trying on, rejection. I was so frustrated and upset, I just didn't think I would be able to find the elusive "one" I'd heard so many other brides rave about. Leslie suggested I pick dresses that were the exact opposite of what I had been trying on. Couldn't hurt, right? So, off I went picking up big poufy ball skirts, skirts with pick-ups, ruched bodices, trumpet and mermaid skirts and asymmetrical designs all while avoiding lace overlays, A-lines and vintage inspired styles. I did this with complete abandonment with absolutely no attention paid to the price of the dress. The first few were a bust. However, I slipped into a slightly asymmetrical, slightly ruched bodice with a single-side pick-up Mikaella in a gorgeous, soft taffeta . No pleating on the train, no lace, no bling. The dress was a size 14 and I wear a street size 4, so I had to be bundled up to get the dress to look remotely like it fit. I kept turning and admiring and turning and admiring. Leslie hooked me up with a stunningly simple veil and stick a fork in me, I was DONE! Hesitantly, I asked the price. Leslie dug into my armpit and pulled out the tag and delivered the news. While not in my budget, it wasn't hideously over-priced either. I went home that night and thought about nothing but the dress. I got up the next morning and thought about the dress. The dress! The dress! The dress! Was this "the one?" I enlisted my co-worker and friend Jan (she's close to my mom's age) and headed back to Arzelle's the following weekend. Jan was shocked. I had been keeping her in the lace-overlay loop regarding the dress-shopping-status and this was so far from anything else I had liked. She loved it. She loved the simplicity. With a stamp of approval from a trusted source, I was done! Finally, "the one!" All told, I tried on about 75 dresses. Jan snapped this photo of me right before I signed on the dotted line!
Mikaella style #1367, photo courtesy of my friend, Jan!


  1. The dress and you are STUNNING!

  2. So I'm about a month late to this party, but I also love your dress because it's the same dress I'm wearing, and I found you in a google image search. Have you thought at all about how you're going to bustle it?

  3. It's got a built in French bustle so we'll see once it comes in if it's the right look or not!

  4. How did I read all the dress posts but miss THE post? Congrats, it looks just like the Pronovias Diamante (I'm a Pronovias lover ok) - elegent, refined, with great draping.

    I thought we would be lace overlay twins! Is it crazy I am considering 2 dresses? Update you later.

  5. Congratulations on finding "the one"! You look beautiful.
    And the shop looks gorgeous too.
    Just found your blog, looking forward to following along. =)

  6. I love going through all your old posts... so fun. This dress is beautiful on you! I have a thing for Mikeaella dresses, they're just gorgeous!