Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Perfect Wedding Car

I started investigating wedding transportation somewhere in the mayhem of my photographer search. I'd look for interesting rides as a "break" between photographer searches. Can you say "obsessive?" Yes, yes I can!

At any rate, The Candyman and I were looking for a ride from the chapel to the reception - a scant distance of four miles. The cheapest limo I could find was $81.92 an hour, with a minimum of three hours. Eh, not so bad, but not so great either. Besides, we just aren't limo-type people. With a little on-line searching I found the incredible Matchless Limousine service. While they have a fleet of vintage cars, the price tag was way over this Thirty-Something Bride's budget!

A little more Googling of "antique cars + nashville" and "classic car service + nashville" and I came across Sentimental Journeys who so kindly suggested I call Mr. Reggie Slaughter. Reggie, besides being one incredibly sweet man, is also the proud owner of a mint condition, totally tricked out 1939 Packard, shown here at the Nashville Bridal Expo in January. While I attended this show, I completely missed Reggie and his bad-ass ride.

For a fraction of the cost of other rental classic cars, I was able to pick this baby up for a Wedding Transfer (point A to point B) for $175. While this may sound a bit steep for a short ride, imagine what my photographer can do with a prop like this! Here's an example from Gray Photograph:

Too cool for school, right? Reggie is still working on his website for At Your Service Chauffeuring, but you can contact him via email at (Yes, that is the correct spelling!) or via phone at 615-977-2210.

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