Friday, April 24, 2009

The Key to My Heart

Oh, the pain. I love these so much. One day The Candyman will be some rock-star lawyer (not that I'm not proud of my current, not-for-profit, double-state Bar passing, kick-ass lawyer!) and will deck me out in my heart's desire.

My favorite is second from the right in the bottom picture. In platinum, please! We all know that Tiffany isn't affordable at all. However, they do offer these little guys for $100, sans chain.
All photos courtesy of Tiffany.
Actually, Tiffany does sell a few things that are under the one hundred dollar mark if that's where your gift giving budget falls (mine doesn't, sorry Cousin/Matron of Honor!). The have a few bracelets, key chains and charms that hit the mark. So if you're big on the brand name and short on cash, those might be the way to go!

Honeymoon blogs to come - hopefully this weekend. However, I have a veil to finish sewing, invites to assemble, a backyard that has a pile full of DIY dirt in it (maybe I'll blog about the "tile" we're laying) and a wedding cake yet to be discovered. I NEED A CAKE! The Thirty-Something Bride might be headed fro another WPB (Wedding Planning Breakdown). Noooooo....


  1. i was just drooling over the new tiffany necklaces! still need a cake? did you consider maples wedding cakes? love them!!!!

  2. I still need a cake, but Maples is too high for this bride! Beautiful craftsmanship though.