Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Things in Need

1. Hair and make-up.
2. I need to make my veil.
3. We still don't have a cake.
4. Shoes, purse, jewelry.
5. Tuxedos.
6. Centerpieces.
7. Matron of Honor and Flower Girl dresses.

Should I have listed them in order of priority? Cake is numero uno. The Candyman and I are contemplating making our own because we think $4.50 for a 2" slice of cake is bullshit.

Things I think I might blog about in the near and/or immediate future:
1. Our tasting at Mere Bulles.
2. The veil making process.
3. The hunt for blue shoes.
4. Centerpieces.

That is all.


  1. Louise, I have the SAME list (except for 4 because I think mom is lending me jewelry).

    What kind of veil are you making? I bought AWESOME ivory silk tulle, but have yet to find affordable lace trim. When is your wedding again?

    Oh and cake prices are total B.S. I was thinking cupcakes with a small cake for cutting or several 10" cakes (usually $70/cake here).

  2. The veil is pretty simple. I'm using regular cheap tulle. The silk I looked at was actually too soft and the English cotton tulle has really big holes versus the smaller nylon and silk varieties. I'm doing a very simple lace trim that is coming from my mom's mantilla she wore 44 years ago. Her sister before her wore it too, so the lace is pushing 50 years. I've separated the edge lace from the body lace (will use that to wrap my bouquet with)and have cut and re-cut the tulle twice now. I'm cutting it again because it's just too poofy. I've been through 2 comb options too and will go for a third now as I can't seem to get one that feels right in my head!

    I'm looking at 10" cakes too, topped with flowers. I'm actually going to check out Costco. I've had some kick-ass stuff from their bakery before so will definitely check it out. Will blog my finds!