Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Award Time!

Many thanks to Confessions of An Obsessive Planner for the generous award! I have been remiss in reposting - well, for obvious reasons, right? I hope I am forgiven.

The rules are thus: Let us all in on 7 fun, interesting, maybe even embarrassing facts about yourself. Then pass the award on to 7 of your favorite bloggers.

Hm. Seven interesting facts? I'm not sure if I can come up with that many, but I'll give it a shot.

1. I'm pretty sure my all-time favorite movie is Grease. Come on! It's got action (the race at
Thunder Road), drama (Is Rizzo preggers? Will Frenchy drop back into high school?), romance (Oh, Danny!), comedy ("If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.") and the young Lorenzo Lamas - before he became a total tool, both on and off-screen.

Hey, Zuko!

2. My Favorite Best-Ever Movie Snack: Homemade popcorn with lots of butter, some salt and mixed with plain M&M's. I find this combo most enjoyable whilst watching the above movie with a kitty on one side of me and MOH/GEW on the other, sharing said concoction. The only way to make it better is if it were a double feature with When Harry Met Sally.

3. Something is up with my shoulder blades. I think they are double jointed. At any rate, I can clap behind my back (with my fingers pointing up, not down.) and almost touch my elbows together. It's pretty freaky.

4. I made a wedding gown for my MOH's friend a really long time ago. I only charged her $200.

5. I have to be careful when I chew gum. I totally get into it and chew the same piece for hours. So much so that the next day my jaws will ache. No bueno.

6. I have a dimple of cellulite on my left butt-cheek that has been there since I was like 12. It looks like someone just poked me in the butt-cheek with a pin and it stayed that way. I hate it. The Candyman thinks it's "cute." Whatever.

7. I willed a freckle on myself once. I had a friend in the 5th grade who had a teeny mole on the top of her foot. I thought it was cute. While I am COVERED in freckles, I never had any on my feet. I swear, I stared at my foot and hoped for a freckle there all of 5th grade. My friend moved away as did I and I forgot about the foot freckle until the following summer when one miraculously appeared on the top of my foot. To date, I have no other freckles on my feet, this one is still there and is in the same place as my friend's mole. I swear to GOD.

Now for the Shout Outs:
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Sarah Elizabeth
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Chuck and Susie
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I promise I'll have more updates from the wedding and the honeymoon VERY soon!

I keep replaying what I can remember of the ceremony and reception over and over in my head. I can't wait to see more pictures so I won't forget it all!

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  1. grease is the best movie, ever. i still watch it every time it is on tv.