Thursday, October 8, 2009


I don't think my phone has rung so many times in one day. Holy cow. I just said good-night to my parents. The Candyman is still off cavorting with his dad and brothers.

Tonight was such a nice night. I was about to start enlisting the troops to have dinner: my aunt and uncle, my MOH and her 2 kids and my parents. I had forgotten to call back my MOH, as well as my day-of planner (both called me back, thank goodness!). For about an hour, I was completely brain dead. My parents were saying stuff to me and I was just like, "Um. Um. Um. I don't know? I know that I know, but just not right now?" And I was talking to my MOH like that. It was very strange. I went over the plan of action for the weekend when she first got here and thank God she had a good memory because mine is for shit right now. Seriously, my mind is a total void. Is this normal? There's a picture of my MOH on her wedding day where she looks a little stunned. Now I know why.

Anyway, my parents said that they wanted to spend some time with just me before the wedding madness started and I thought that was sweet. I wasn't sure how the rest of the clan felt about it, but we are going to be so up each others butt's here for the next three days, I'm sure dinner isn't a big deal. Anyway, it was great. Dinner was low key and easy, and we came back to the house and just had great conversation about all sorts of things. My dad told this goofy story about a fake bug called a "Poison Zillian" that had him in tears. Then we talked about marriage and The Candyman and what a good man he is. We talked about how people fight and how they make up and how my mom and dad paid $29,000 for their first house! Can you imagine?

I feel a little less brain dead. I feel good. I can't wait for all the craziness to start. The Candyman will be home soon. I can't wait to snuggle up.

Tomorrow, we bake.


  1. Yes, it's perfectly normal to have a blank slate for a mind right before the wedding. I think of it as a sort of mental shock that lets you cope with the enormity of the upcoming events without freaking out :)

    Congratulations, and may your ceremony be but the harbinger of decades of a good life together.

  2. Awwww I think that is sweet that your parents wanted some alone time. Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and a lifetime filled of happiness with one another.

  3. I can already imagine my hands going numb and sweaty, then dropping my bouquet :P Everything will be great - sounds like you have a wonderful support system around you now that the day is close at hand.

    Here's wishing you the happiest wedding day and every day after.

  4. Enjoy all the fun! It is over before you know it. :)