Monday, October 26, 2009

Honeymoon, Part Dos

Before I recap more of the honeymoon, I'd like to mention a very odd sensation as of late. For the last 10 months, I have been carrying around a ton of crap in my purse. I already have a huge purse. In fact, it's more like briefcase-bag type of thing. I love it. It's Burberry. It was a gift - one that I would never have purchased for myself, but I do love it. The cool thing is that it's from Hong Kong and I don't think they even sell the same version here. It looks a lot like this one, but bigger with a shorter handle.

Anyway, I didn't take it with me to Mexico, so have only had the need for it the past couple of days. And it's light. I mean really light. It no longer contains The Wedding Notes Book (different from The Wedding Notebook), swatches of color chips, bridal fair coupon books, my Bridal Bargains book, pieces and parts of DIY hair toys, even the random bottle of wine (for tasting purposes, of course). I've freaked out a few times after picking it up, thinking I've lost my wallet of keys or something. Nope. It's just lacking all the wedding planning paraphernalia I've been toting around this year. It's weird.

Kinda like when I say, "my husband" versus "my fiance" or "my boyfriend." Weird.

OK, so back to the honeymoon recaps. I mentioned we did nothing, right? Seriously. We did so much of nothing I was almost comatose. The Candyman said he'd never seen me so relaxed. It's true. He couldn't even get me to walk into town with him. It's like a 20 minute walk and I'm all, "Uh, honey. Please call us a taxi." Seriously, I was that lazy.

Here's what we did (I will exclude the standard honeymoon "activity" but rest assured, we got our honeymoon on!):
1. Woke up. Drank coffee and stared at the view of the bay.
2. Rallied after some lounging and walked the five minutes to Paty's for breakfast. Paty's is just a small joint right on the beach that serves simple food at simple prices. Their French Toast almost put me into a diabetic coma, it was so sweet. Wonderfully, decadently sweet!

The Candyman fending off my early morning paparazzi at Paty's.

3. Walked back to the condo and changed into bathing suits.
4. Walked downstairs to the infinity pool and spent hours swimming, chilling, sleeping, reading and sunning.

Here's just a so-so picture of the infinity pool. This is the view looking south. Better pics to come.

5. When we'd had enough sun (we both burn like freaks so were slathered in SPF 50) we'd go back up to the condo, get cleaned up and nap. We'd simply lay in bed and watch the afternoon sun shimmer off the ocean. In no time flat, we'd be snoring away to the sounds of crashing waves.
6. Once we'd finish with our naps, it was snack time. I whipped up some fresh guacamole one day. Or we'd just nibble on Mexican cheese and crackers. I, of course, drank plenty of wine in the afternoons!
Mmmm. Red wine in our al fresco living room. No better way to enjoy it!

Wow. I'm feeling really nappy right now. I'm getting tired just recalling the luxuriousness of doing nothing. Sadly, I'm on my lunch break and need to get back to work. So icky. More recaps coming up!!


  1. Yaay! It sounds like you and the Candyman had an absolutely fabulous time! :) You needed a vacay and chillaxing time more than anyone I know so I am sooooo freaking happy you got one!! :)

  2. Sounds wonderful, cant wait for the rest of the re-caps.