Thursday, October 15, 2009

Greetings from the Moh!

Currently, if all has gone well, TSB is settling into her small-town resort in Mexico (the town starts with a "Z", right?). She is looking out over her infinity pool, gazing at the shimmer of the Gulf of Mexico. If all has not gone well, there is an airline agent somewhere between Nashville and Mexico who is cowering in the face of TSB's wrath.

As for me, I am sitting in a very messy house after getting the kids put to bed, and I am guest blogging for TSB when I should be cleaning the house or drafting a proposal for a conference paper (among other things).

I am GoodEnoughWoman (a.k.a. GEW), and I am TSB's Cousin--otherwise known as TSB's Moh. And I am here to tell you how awesome the wedding weekend was.

First, I will tell you some ways in which I am different from TSB, just so you know where I'm coming from.

1. The TSB is tall and thin. I am neither.

2. The TSB is sarcastic. I enjoy irony but am, overall, less sardonic (sardonical?) than TSB.

3. The TSB is budget savvy. Me, not so much.

4. The TSB is very stylish. I, on the other hand, wear clogs and Chacos.

5. The TSB eats her cereal dry. I prefer mine with milk.

There. That should get us started.

So. TSB's wedding was absolutely beautiful. As you know, TSB is great with details (me? not so much). But as a non-detail-oriented person, I am here to tell you that the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and even I (the detail-blind Moh) was able to observe the ways in which all of TSB's efforts paid off. The service at the chapel was lovely and elegant, and the reception at Mere Bulles was stunning. It was a grand affair, down to the last detail.

But let me back up. The wedding extravaganza began with the Great Cookie Bake, so let's start with that. Voila! A photo essay:

Delicious and beautiful. No?

Stay tuned for another post about Girls' Night Out.


  1. Great post, Dear!! So enjoyed meeting you and thanks for all you did at the beautiful wedding!!! Everyone had a great time!! Those cookies were fabulous, by the way. I made some yesterday in honor of T30SB. ;-)

  2. Aww thanks MOH of T30SB! Hope she's having lots of margaritas wherever she is! The cookies do look fabulous - I wish I had an oven here in London. I miss baking!

  3. Yay! You're the coolest MOH ever. Nice post, GEW.