Friday, October 23, 2009

We're Home!

We're home! We're home! Oh, my little blogging friends, there is so much to fill you in on. Where the hell do I start? OK, let's start with just a sneak peek at the first pictures from the fabulous Jonathon Campbell! Check out the first one over on their blog.

Many thanks to the MOH for updating in my absence! Fun pictures, no?

For now I've got piles of laundry, an empty fridge, a dirty bathroom and thank you notes to write! Sigh, a wife's work is never done......

Me. A wife. Go freakin' figure.


  1. welcome home Louise! You looked gorgeous! can't wait to see more. good luck getting settled back in :)

  2. Oh WOW Louise! I concur with Dawn you look GORGEOUS! Congrats again, hope Mexico was fun!

  3. Welcome home, Cousin! And I didn't even get the chance to post a picture of my dinner plate on the charger. I started to do pictures of the big day last night, but then my computer froze up, and I gave up.

    Glad you're back safe and sound!

  4. Stop it I can't handle how beautiful you look! So glamorous. Welcome home!

  5. Yay! So glad to have you back in the same time zone girl! Wowza you looked amazing both at the rehearsal and the wedding.

  6. Yaaaay!!! You're back!! Can't wait to hear all the details! At the gym. Next week. I need a little Louise in my life!! :)