Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bending in the Wind

So yesterday I got yet another huge project dumped on me at work. Yay! Again, do these people not know I'm getting married in FIVE DAYS?????

Anyway, I sprint out of work to meet The Candyman at our therapist's office for our last pre-marital session. It was pretty cool! She asked us all sort of questions about when and how we knew the other was "the one," what we wanted the other to know on our wedding day, what we thought our thoughts would be. It was a great exercise! Afterward, I hauled my cookies over to a restaurant to meet a client for dinner and then bolted home. There, I found an email from the mother of my MOH (they have been driving across country this week, visiting friends and making their way to Nashville) saying that she and her husband would be arriving in Nashville a day early. RUT-RO (said in my best Scooby voice)!

God forbid folks check in without the OOT bags available to hand out! What is the point of the OOT bag, I ask you, if it is not there at check in? The whole idea of the OOT is therefore blown to bits. OK, so maybe not blown to bits. Perhaps I'm being a bit too dramatic. Perhaps.

At any rate, The Thirty-Something Bride needed to organize herself and fast! All the bags were on the living room floor in a sea of cotton totes. I know I have more than I need, but I did not know exactly how many people were coming when I started ordering stuff. Oh well. I could have waited and saved a few bucks, but then I'd by scurrying around more now than I already am. I think that's worth a few extra dineros - in hindsight.

The problem was that I needed to replace the old OOT Welcome Letter with the new one. Since I totally FAILED at getting all the pertinent info on the first round, I had to reprint. No biggie though as it was super fast. However, I didn't have enough little sticky things to close them, so I wasn't sure what to do about that. I was going to head over to Michael's to find inspiration, but it came to me on my own for once.

I still have left-over card stock, so I found a cute design over on Martha Stewart, and totally lifted it into Publisher and made my own label in my own color, with my own font, etc. I laugh at the "print only" on-line templates! *Muah, ah, ah!* I used my left-over glue dots and just made a quick seal-like thing. No, this wasn't really a new project, but a re-do project. Big diff. ;)

The Candyman pulled all the old letters and stuffed the new letters for me. So sweet. I do believe it might have been a little too much OOT for the poor Candyman.

So I started trying to organized which bags went where since people are kinda staying all over the place (part of this I totally get, the other part, not so much). I had made a few bags with some extra stuff - for the folks who were staying longer or who had kids and such and I was confusing the hell out of myself. I decided on another quick fix, just to keep from losing my mind. I ran upstairs, typed guests last names into a format I used for my favor thank you tags and printed. I punched out the names with my tag puncher thingy, punched holes in them and ran some extra ribbon through them so I could tie them onto the bags. That way, I knew which bags were to be delivered where and which to stuff extra stuff into. The whole process probably took me an extra 15 minutes, tops.

I think they are kinda cute! I dropped two groups of bags off at two of the hotels this morning. One lady was so sweet, the other, not so much. I don't know why this bothered me, but as I was handing over my totes, delicately, by the handles. She was just grabbing at them on the sides, knotting the bags up in her sweaty little fist (I'm sure it was sweaty). I mean, hello woman! Do you not know how much work I just put into these? Then, she was just tossing them on the floor. Oh no, she did not just do that. The last group I handed over to her, she went to grab at them and I pulled them away from her sweaty little palms and gave her the Icy Stare of Death and said nothing. She looked at me, cocked her head in confusion, the light came on and she reached again for the handles and placed them nicely on the ground. I smiled sweetly, thanked her and left. Do not underestimate The Thirty-Something Bride's Icy Stare of Death.

I just got off the phone with my MOH's mom! I think she'll be here in time to have lunch with me!!!!!! It's starting people, it's starting. Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride!!!!!


  1. Love everything, looks great!! Eeek times a ticking by! Best of luck with last minute prep!

  2. I love all of your things! I am very impressed by your craftiness with those labels as well! They turned out great! Good luck with everything!

  3. We're hitting the road today! Reese is super excited. Billy says he doesn't want to see all of the kissing at the wedding. That said, he keeps trying to kiss Reese.

  4. The bags are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks:)

  5. So happy for you and the Candyman and I LOVE your blogs. I hope you never stop. We have the Icy Stare of Death in common!

  6. Thanks for visiting Bright, Bold, and Beautiful!
    I had to come and visit, and say,
    "What are you doing blogging, when you are getting married in 5 days?"

    All the best to you, and cherish EVERY moment!!!
    xo Laura