Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday!


Ok, no pressure Jonathon, no pressure. Just really really really excited since I've had two semi-sneak peeks. I'm hoping JC and Sharon don't get upset with me, but I have GOT to post these other two photos I've seen. They don't have the snazzy JCP logo on them, but y'all know how much I j'adore (yes, I know that that reads "I I love") JCP and must give props where props are due. I'll get into that more in the recaps.

I honestly, I'm just over recapping the honeymoon. I mean, it was gorgeous and relaxing and fun and wonderful and all things that a honeymoon should be. I have no complaints whatsoever (hard to believe, no?). But seriously, do you guys care how much food we ate or how much cool Mexican art we bought? The only other really cool thing was the infinity pool. We spent a lot of time there. However, we did come face to face with a deadly scorpion hiding in our umbrella. See:

This little sucker can kill you dead.

The Candyman found him when he was moving the umbrella around to protect our lily-white skin from scorching to death. He put the umbrella down and calmly said, "There's a scorpion." I just about jumped out of my skin. The gardener guy was nearby, we pointed him out and a few seconds later, no more deadly scorpion. I'll tell you what though, every little itch or flutter in the corner of our eyes was a deadly scorpion waiting to kill us. Thank God this happened on our last day there. We would have freaked ourselves out otherwise.
I'll just leave you with a few of the best pictures (in my opinion) from the trip and be done with honeymoon stuff.

Sunset from la casa.

An evening swim with The Candyman. He's hot, no?

The happy couple!

So, without further ado, I'm going to share some contraband photos with you. Seriously, JCP, I'll take these down if you want to me too! I just LOVE them though!

Pre-wedding, outside Owen Chapel.

The ceremony. I loves me some Candyman!

Here are a few others taken by friends and family that I really think are great! Thanks for sharing everyone!

My brother, a greeter and program passer-outer. I hate to call him an usher since he didn't really usher anyone.

Moi. I have no idea when this was taken though.

Walkin' the aisle. Dear Dad, why do you have to have those weird glasses that turn into sunglasses? Oh, and why does Mom have them too? He looks so intense here. I have no idea why. He seemed pretty happy. Maybe he was just focusing on the task at hand. He's that kind of guy.

One of our cakes from the Cake Buffet. This one was the chocolate raspberry with cream cheese frosting. Sweet 16th Bakery knocked it out of the ball park. These cakes were slammin' good.

I'm totally psyched to get more wedding recaps up! I've got my budget figured out too and can give you the 411 on the breakdown. Is anyone interested in that?


  1. I'm interested in the budget breakdown. Budgets seem to be my obsession lately :P You look stunning in all of your photos! Can't wait to see more :)

  2. That scorpion is so scary! I would've slept with one eye open after that.

    Your dress is beautiful and that veil may be the prettiest I've ever seen - seriously to die for!

  3. You looked beautiful! Love the honeymoon pics as well! I would have jumped out of my skin seeing a scorpion! Yikes :)

  4. Weird tint glasses or not... I LOVE that pic of you and your dad walking down the aisle. You look sooo happy :)

  5. Eeeek that scropion gives me the heebie jeedies,ughhh! So glad no one was hurt:)

    You were a stunning bride, love the first picture and the simplicty of your cake!

  6. Wow, those pictures are stunning. You were a gorgeous bride and I adore your veil!

  7. i want to know budget! remember: the best wedding present you can give me is your time and your paperwork!


  8. Classic! Breathtaking! Stunning!!!! WOW-- you are truly a gorgeous bride