Monday, June 15, 2009

Hong Kong - Wedding Central, Part I

I swear, the hotel I stay in here in Hong Kong has a wedding every other second. First of all, the Chinese do not marry just on Saturdays like Americans do (although I am getting married on a Sunday because it's half-price). They go visit some family fortune teller (or religious guru or astrologist or something like that) and they take the bride and groom's Chinese birth years and measure it up against all sorts of things and determine a proper date for a couple to get married. So, there are weddings on Tuesdays in Hong Kong. It's perfectly normal and acceptable. In fact, from what I hear, lots of couples prefer mid-week weddings to keep attendance down, therefore costs down. Weddings in China are no small deal. I was talking to a Hong Kong resident and she had 750 people at her wedding. WTF?

I am lucky that I get to stay in really nice hotels. It's just another travel perk I get. The hotel here is my home away from home. I know all the doormen and bellhops and concierge guys. They all know me by name and it's nice. It's got a really great view and would be a lovely wedding location. Here are some pics I took last night.
The view from the second floor lobby down into the main lobby.

The marble staircase leading up to the grand ballroom. All the flowers are fake - for every wedding I've ever seen here.

The very bizarre snacks in the registration area. It looks like Starbursts, dried pumpkin seeds and Gorp. Weird.

A close up of the seating assignments. Um, who's at Table 26?

Entering the Grand Ballroom. Swanky, no?

This is the bridal party head table, dressed in red. Traditionally, the Chinese wear red at weddings, but they have adopted the white Western style wedding dress. Lots of times the brides will marry in white and change into a traditional Chinese gown for the reception/exit.

The other tables settings. All the flowers in here are fake too.

Make no mistake, it's Cathy and Leo who are gettin' hitched!

The ice sculptures. I'm not sure if it could get tackier. The Chinese love opulence and gaudy, of this I am certain.

The wedding party bustling about. I'm not sure of the rules and such regarding bridesmaid dresses. The ones I see at the hotel are always ivory/white, but are generally short. They don't match either. I need to find out more about this phenomenon.

Sadly, I didn't catch a glimpse of the bride for this wedding. However, when I came back from my foray this afternoon, I did catch that bride and got photos! Stay tuned, that post with pictures is coming soon! It was a Hong Kong Wedding Extravaganza for The Thirty-Something Bride today! Oh, so much to tell. And yes, shoes are involved!


  1. Those ice sculptures are awesome. :)

  2. It looks like Platinum weddings on WE!

  3. yay - i'm getting married on a thursday. so, when people ask, i'll just say it's all the rage in hong kong ;) (really - it's because i wanted to save $1500 on venue alone!)

  4. Wow look at the ice sculpture! Yeah it looks amazing...but I dont think its something I would want at our wedding! :)

  5. The flowers are fake, the cake we "cut" is usually fake... oh and you don't typically get to eat cake either. We didn't :(

    When I told my friends I had 420 people at my wedding there, they p-shawed me and said "oh that's small."


    Still wish you could have come to mine then to see it first hand - it wasn't even as elaborate as the typical weddings were but boy was I exhausted at the end of the night!

  6. 750 guests!? Good lord! The hotel you're staying at looking simply divine! I am in love with that chandelier!