Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday

So my wish for this Wednesday isn't for a physical object, per se. It's more for peace of mind.

I'm nearing a WPM (Wedding Planning Meltdown), or perhaps just a regular, ol' meltdown. I can't tell which at this point. I am so stressed. Here's why:

  • I'm afraid that my overseas trip is going to put me way behind on the wedding planning.
  • I'm not trusting my fiance enough to take care of stuff while I'm gone. In reality, I know he'll do what needs to be done, but I'm still worried about it.
  • I'm stressing over finances when I really shouldn't be.
  • The last minute work trip to Dallas really put a kink in what I wanted to accomplish before I left for Asia.
  • I'm freaked out about the Air France A330 that went down off the coast of Brazil. These things tend to happen in 3's and I'm about to fly around the world (literally) over the next 25 days.
  • I'm freaked out about my actual overseas work. The economy has made my business tougher than ever and I just hope my vendors are agreeable.
  • I have 2 flats of flowers dying in my backyard that I need to get planted. This is bumming me out.
  • There is so much CRAP in my house. Cases of wedding wine in the closet. Bags of favor boxes that had to be moved to the attic to make room for the wine. The bags join the grapevine wreaths I got cheap for my ceremony flowers. The dining room table has been invitation central for a month. More paper projects cover the sewing table and dresser in the guest room.
  • My dress is coming in while I'm overseas and this totally bums me out.
  • Still no wedding shoes.
  • Asia is going to be ridiculously hot. New Delhi's LOW temp for the next 10 days is 104, high is 109. Manila has temps in the high 80's with everyday calling for torrential downpours. Parts of China look OK, but it appears to be raining everywhere. There is nothing more gross than a wet China. Mud. Filth. Ew.
  • I have to pack for overseas travel and I HATE to pack.
So, my wish for Wednesday is for less stress and peace of mind. I need it.


  1. It'll all work out. Treat yourself to a nice glass of wine tonight and just relax!

  2. Breathe. You can only do so much and inevitably, some things will not be perfect but they will still be great.
    Hey, you may find some cute accessories (shoes maybe?) overseas.

  3. I agree on the wine! I'm sure you'll wow 'em on your trip overseas. Candyman will be able to handle the tasks- that's why you're marrying him. We all have wedding clutter (and moving clutter) that makes us crazy! You're going to bust through this next month and everything after that will feel like a breeze. You go girl!

  4. However the details work out, the end result will be the same. You and Candyman will be married. And that will be perfect.

  5. I'm sending the good karma vibes your way. Everything will work out in the end!!

  6. I agree with Flo (probably cause she's my mom). But I don't want to minimize the stress. You are doing a LOT, dear Cousin. This meltdown is letting you know that you need a tiny bit of shut down time. Wine, gardening, TV. You know. Best thoughts to you!