Thursday, June 11, 2009

More from "The Try On"

Hi Everyone!

Ugh. Jet lag is the worst. It's 6am in Manila and I've been up since 5am! First, a few comments about Manila. I had heard the traffic was bad. They ain't lyin'. It takes about an hour to go approximately 8 miles on the freeway in any direction. I spent the better part of 5 hours on the road yesterday. Ick. It's also the rainy season. I was lucky yesterday in that is was just hot and humid as hell. It was pouring this morning, but seems to have slacked off a bit. I don't even want to talk about what this does to my hair. Ever see that Friends episode where they all go some place tropical and Monica's hair freaks out? That's what I got going on. It's hot. I know you're jealous. ;)

Anyway, I finally have a second to download, then upload the pictures Sharon (my photographer's wife) took when I tried on The Dress. You can see that it's pretty wrinkly, but you get the gist. I mentioned a few posts back about how I think I'm going to be a nervous bride. Want proof? Check out my facial expression in this one!
Nooooooooo, I'm fine. Not nervous at all.

Here's a shot of the back. I think once this gets all steamed and suck that it's going to look just lovely. Something these pics made me realize - I really like the color of this gown an awful lot! Sharon, thanks again for coming with me!

I gotta run folks. I need to drag my jet lagged booty to the gym and try to regulate with a little exercise. I leave tomorrow for Hong Kong and meet up with my friend Lisa from high school. She's been living in China for the last two years (she's headed home in July) and we are planning a last hurrah of sorts for Saturday night/Sunday day. I plan to get my shopping on and have some well deserved girl time with my old, dear friend.

Thanks for all the comment love y'all have been sharing. It's been so awesome to check in a read via my Blackberry. Keep it coming! Much blog love from the other side of the planet! :)


  1. I am in love with your blog...only my lack of travel is becomming more apparent as I read. :) It is fun to share your stories.

  2. I hope you have safe travels! Ps- I'm even more in love with your dress now. I gave you a blog award on my last post today- check it out when you have a free minute. I know that might not be for awhile- I'm not offended! haha

  3. I love the back of your beautiful! And I just realized that when you're not jet setting all over the place you're in Nashville! So hello neighbor...sort of? Four hours isn't too far away, right? lol Wishing you safe travels and a fun time with your friend!

  4. Hope you're having a wonderful (and safe) time! You're dress looks gorgeous!

  5. HEY! Pretty good pictures for the "photographer's wife", eh?