Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Need More Than a Velvet Elvis!

So I mentioned a few posts back that we had finally chosen our wedding cake vendor! Hooray! We decided to go with a Cake Buffet versus a traditional wedding cake. I just couldn't stomach the idea of paying a ton of money for something that may, or may not taste good. I don't care if the cake is stacked. I do care if it's expensive.

As you readers already know, I tried my hand at baking my own. While I don't doubt that I could physically accomplish this task, I decided that I should not emotionally attempt it. I'm already baking cookies for my favors. I just don't want to totally freak myself out if things go awry in the kitchen. My goal is to avoid any further WPM (Wedding Planning Meltdowns). I think my family will be happy to hear that I've abandoned a DIY Cake Buffet.

So, after reviewing and tasting countless bakeries and cakes, we opted to go with a small, husband/wife own bakery called Sweet 16th, A Bakery. The Candyman and I met with Ellen, the baker and wife and just loved her.

The bakery is located in East Nashville. East Nashville is home to lots of things: hipsters, crystal meth addicts, musicians, families, great restaurants, crack houses. It's got a great historic feel to it, but it's not all that safe. Now, I'm going to bet serious money that no East Nashvillian would ever stoop to read my bridal blog. However, if I were to say that there's crime in East Nashville (meaning more so than in other neighborhoods) I'd be verbally attacked with a litany of crime statistics from East Nashville dwellers. There seems to be a bit of a fight between east and west Nashville. Hip versus Hop. Cash versus Cashola. Cable versus Digital. iPhone versus Blackberry. Happily, I live in SOUTH Nashville. Nobody lives there and we stay out of directional fights. It's nice.

Back to the cakes. We saw some gorgeous pictures of Ellen's cakes and I'm so excited to have 4 simple, beautifully decorated cakes. The problem is I can't decide which flavors to get. The have 15 cakes to choose from. However, if i want them all to look alike (all with white cream cheese frosting), and I do, then I have to narrow it down to 9 or 10. We know for certain that we're going with the Velvet Elvis Cake (2 layers red velvet cake plus 1 layer of chocolate cake with peanut butter cream between the layers, frosted with white cream cheese frosting). The remaining options are:
Abstract Crunch - chocolate cake with toffee bits between the layers, drizzled with chocolate and frosted with cream cheese frosting.
Lemon Vanilla Cake
Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate cake infused with raspberry syrup
Chocolate Amaretto - Chocolate cake infused with amaretto

What other 3 flavors should we go with? I feel like I need to decide and tell Ellen before I leave for Asia. I leave June 9th! Ack!


  1. This post made me ridiculously hungry. They all sound yummy. Especially the peanut-butter...heaven

  2. Chocolate Amaretto, Lemon Vanilla, and Carrot. Yum!

  3. I would do lemon/vanilla (or just vanilla) and carrot cake. There is a nice balance between the cocoa based, vanilla, and cake with stuff in it (banana or carrot).

  4. My heart says Chocolate, Abstract Crunch, Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Amaretto. You get my drift. I do know there are those strange people who don't go for chocolate, so my brain says it should be Chocolate Amaretto, Carrot, and Vanilla. That way you have a good balance. Or one of the other chocolates rather than the Chocolate Amaretto - if you must:(

  5. PS We have monthly receptions at the art center. Though several other flavors are available, EVERY single featured artist group has picked carrot cake for the reception. It seems to be the most favored one.

  6. SO glad you decided you weren't going to bake this yourself.

    A variety of colors and flavors would be great to suit everyone's buds - you already have red velvet, so maybe chocolate for the men (I like the abstract one that sounds amazing) and vanilla or banana for the 3rd?

    Carrot's not everyone's favorite but if YOU like it I say go for it. As your planner, I will make sure you leave with enough of each to eat at when you get home. So pick the flavors you're going to enjoy most. Don't worry about us :) we'll be grateful enough to get to eat any!