Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Veil Bling

When I was at Arzelle's waiting to try my dress on this weekend, I was checking out all the gorgeous brides trying on gowns. I got to chat with friends and moms. It was big fun.

One bride tried on a veil that had some detailing that I've never seen before. It was a cathedral length veil that had BLING at the bottom of it. I loved it so much I asked if I could snap a photo really quickly. The bride obliged.

How gorgeous is this? Has anyone else contemplated veil bling? I haven't even seen this is any bridal mags. The focus really tends to be on fascinators and caged veils these days, but I'm old school on the veil. Anyone else doing veil bling? LOVE this!


  1. Oh now that is cool! I've seen the little crystals on veils before but never anything that big. Is it a brooch or something? The only draw back for it would be that if it's heavy you wouldn't have those dramatic flyaway veil photos.

  2. Hey Louise, if you're in NYC sometime, you can check out an example of veil bling at M&J trimmings. They had a cute scallop design and at the center, there was some type of hanging pendant (pearl I think).

    It was definitely cute. I may have a small rhinestone button sewn at the end. Of course I need to get on that veil making first.