Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Bridal Fun

Weddings, The Bridal Show was held this weekend at the Convention Center here in Music City. Sharon over at Jonathon Campbell Photography hooked me and Liza from Maiden to Married up with some tickets. So sweet!

Liza and I had such a blast wandering around the show, chatting up people we knew and making new friends (not to mention making ourselves just a little ill from tasting cake samples!). I met Jessica (The Budget Savvy Bride), Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide and Zach and Jody of Gray Photography, among many other wonderfully fun people.

I'll blog more about the details of the event later in the week, but I wanted to share the bestest part of the whole day with you as soon as I could.

We couldn't resist having a little fun with the photo booth at Party Booths! Clockwise from top left: Louise and Liza; Cheeky Grins. Louise and Liza: Flashing the Bling. Louise and Liza: Over the Shoulder Shot (with Liza winning the I-Have-Great-Tits Contest). Louise and Liza: Showing our L.A. love by throwing our best gang signs.
First, that photo booth has great lighting. Second, my hair could have been more gross, but only if I had not washed it, which I did.

OK, off to bed I go! More BIG exciting news tomorrow!

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  1. This and us spooning on the bed I want to win!! THOSE were my favorite moments!