Sunday, July 5, 2009

MOH Dress

So I only have one maid since our wedding is an intimate one. That means she basically gets to wear whatever dress suits her, just in a specific color. I did the same for her wedding and after a swatch-mishap, I wore black and it turned out for the best, at least I think so!

I find shopping relaxing. I like finding bargains, digging through sale bins and lusting after couture I can't afford. I love vintage stores too. I try on everything I buy, so am not a big fan of on-line shopping unless I already know it fits. I believe that my MOH is the complete and total antithesis of this.

The MOH is not what I would call a shopper. I think the J.Jill catalog is her weapon of choice. I think she is dreading the MOH dress shopping and purchase process. However, she did tell me she liked this dress from J.Crew.


I like this style and I think it would look good on her. It's actually somewhat reminiscent of her wedding gown! I'm not sure which color I'd have her get though if she chose to go with this option. The guys are wearing black with ivory. I'm wearing a champagne color. I was going to have her in chocolate brown, but since the guys are wearing black and ivory, it might be best to have her in black. The above color is an option too. I think black would be an easy color to match shoes with too. In fact, with this style, she could go with my favorite all-time shoes, The Mia Hepburn.

What do you guys think about color??


  1. Black or brown for sure. I like the dress in ivory but it could look a little washed out as well.

  2. I am only having one too...oh and she is wearing chocolate brown...scroll to the bottom of my blog and you will see the dress. It is actually similar to this one only different top and in chocolate brown. I agree with the previous poster...this is going to wash her out.

  3. I (the MOH) DO too love to shop!

    For books, that is.

    Granted, I'm not a big clothes shopper. First, I have never had a great body for clothes. Second, I have never had a great eye for style. Third, I only like natural fibers. Fourth, after I buy books, I have no money for clothes.

    As for J.Jill, it is not as great as it used to be. Not as many natural fibers. Now my favorite catalog is Sundance, but I can't afford anything in there, so I just look!

    As for the MOH dress, it's tough because my town doesn't have many good places to look for a dress. And it's tough to get time to go to Santa Barbara, especially lately! I am going to check at that one wedding shop and see if I can find anything. If not, I might try something online. Yes, online shopping is very convenient.

    Anyhoo, I do like this one that you posted! And you're right; it's shaped like my wedding dress. I think it's a good shape for me.

    I looked for the dress on Heather's blog but couldn't find it . . .

  4. Fair enough MOH! You DO enjoy the book shopping! And fellow bloggers, this woman has some serious books in her arsenal. She even has several copies of the same books. She used to be my personal library/book store when we lived closer!

    I suppose we all have our own vices, shoes, books, belt buckles (the Candyman's recent obsession).

  5. This is a classic style and I hope it works out for all - in whatever color you guys decide is best. Love to all- from the "old married cousin"...

  6. I think this dress would be very flattering for her. I think the brown or black would look great! And you were perfect in that black number you wore for her wedding! A guest at the hotel - not attending the wedding - said, "That bride sure has great taste. That bridesmaid dress is so classy!" I did tell her you picked it.
    Love from the MOH's mom

  7. I am thinking the black would look great with the groomsmen. If MOH wears black and Flower Girl wears ivory, then your wedding will have a beautiful classy style - but will you be sad to not have the chocolate?

  8. I think black would be the best color to go with.

  9. I love that dress... It's very pretty. I go with Black or brown as well :)
    Relentless Bride

  10. Sister (Flo) - I don't think I'll miss the brown. It's kind of taking an accent color role anyway. My mom has it for her dress, the ivory flowers will be accented with fern curls. I think the black would be classy - as you've said. Cousin, I say go for the black!