Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{Give-A-Way} I Will Survive!

What would happen if your DJ or band didn't show up?
What would you do if the Ring Bearer swallowed your rings?
What if the Best Man starts talking about the Groom's ex-lovers in his toast?

What would you do?

The answers can all be found in The Worst Case Scenario Handbook: Weddings!


I actually own two of these survival books already and love them! When the folks at Chronicle Books contacted me for a giveaway, I jumped right on it! I just love giveaways where I think the product is uber-cool and can stand behind it!

Now, if you aren't familiar with these handbooks, you need to be. I feel fairly confident that in an extreme emergency, I might be able to attempt landing a plane versus ......well, not landing a plane. I mean, come on! I travel a ton for my job! My chances of actually being in a position to land a plane increase exponentially every time I fly, right? Right. It's good to know some basic plane landing skills and I believe I have received these skills from my Worst Case Scenario Handbook. You should too.

More importantly, I think we all should be prepared on the day of The Big Show, right? I'll tell you what my biggest fear is. I'm afraid that someone standing up front will pass out - like me. Or the Groom. Maybe the Best Man. I think my MOH will be okay. At any rate, what does one do when someone passes out? I mean, other than "Stand back! Give them some air!"

Well, the good folks over at Worst Case Scenario have the answers to your potential wedding day drama! They have great how to's that include diagrams:
  • Make an emergency ring
  • Repair a Dropped Cake
  • Properly toss a bouquet (and how to fake left and throw right)
  • How to deal with outdoor wedding disasters

All stuff that is good to know, right? So the fine people at Chronicle Books are offering The Thirty-Something Bride readers a chance to win a copy of this awesome and awesomely funny book! And I don't just have one copy to give away, but two!
While the book is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, they really do offer great ideas and advise.

So here's how to enter!
1. Leave a comment here with your name, first initial of your last name and your email address.
2. Leave a comment that you are a new follower or already a follower.
3. Leave a comment that you have posted this contest on your blog and it will count as TWO entries.
That means you have a total of FOUR chances to win! Good luck! Contest runs through August 5th!

And stay tuned for another give away next week! Have you sent your Save the Dates out yet? No? You might want to hold off on that until you see the fabulous designs I have to show you!

P.S. If you don't want to leave your email address, that's OK. Just make sure if I announce you as a winner that I have a way to get in touch with you!


  1. Does an international follower get to enter?

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  3. Lauren Ga
    I'm a new follower - just found you!

  4. Jessica D., jrdireland at gmail dot com

  5. Sarah G
    I would like to win this book- pretty please. I have the general worst case scenario book and I LOVE IT.

  6. I'm a follower, and frequent commenter! Ps- I just read your post below. You are famous in my book.

  7. Love it. Although my view is as long as I get married I don't care. Flowers die although I do now want to do the fakeout bouquet toss!, yay for ipods and my lovely laptop, I can borrow a ring and yay for super chinese takeaway!