Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday

I get so many email updates these days I can't see straight. One that has gone missing is my Martha Stewart daily updates. What gives?

One that has indeed, not gone away are my Etsy updates. A bride must-have if there ever was one. I received an update on Monday called "An Affair to Remember" that was all about weddings. It gave links for the Modern Wedding, Beach, Traditional, etc. This Wednesday's wish is for an item I found on one of the sellers featured in the email, Kate Towers. She only has four items to sell and I want one of them! I think this would be the most fun to wear at the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Gathering!

*le swoon*

Is this not simply divine? It's a size small and $250. If I could guarantee a perfect fit, I'd let myself think about it. However, sheath dresses are not a tall girl's friend.

I'd like to digress from the "I Wish" Wednesday format to educate some folks for a second. When people meet me they say things like, "Oh, you're so lucky to be tall! You can wear anything!" or "Clothes are made to fit tall, skinny people - like you." Au contraire, mes amis. Pants? Generally, an annoying inch too short. Skirts that are supposed to be knee length are an inch or two above my knee. Above the knee skirts are like minis and that's just ridiculous on a Thirty-Something woman. Because I have a small waist, I generally have to buy a skirt a size or two larger so that it sits on my hips and is decently long enough. Then the proportion is jacked up and I look like a tool. Dresses that have waistlines? Forget it. Most regular dresses have waistlines that are 2 inches underneath my boobs. The arch for a princess seam sheath dress is somewhere in my armpit. Shirts that fit my bust and waist are 4-6 inches too short in the arm length. I roll cuffs on lots of shirts so that I don't look like I'm Monkey-Arm Woman. I can get away with long, empire waist dresses, but those get old quick. The best place for me to shop? The Espirit store in Hong Kong. Makes no sense.

So! Back to "I Wish" Wednesday. What's the wish? I wish for this dress - one that fits and is about $100 cheaper. There's nothing wrong with wishing.


  1. Cute dress!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, glad you found my blog :) Not much on it yet, but there will be soon :)

  2. Le swoon indeed.

    Wishing is good for you.

    I'm afraid as a shortie, I can't offer much help!

  3. Espirt Hong Kong. lol. I always find great fits there, but I'm 5"1!!

  4. OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this. I want one.

  5. amazing!!! and LOL about the Esprit Hong Kong!!! how can that be????

    glad u found my blog. i'm really enjoying yours :)

  6. i so love that! would def look better on you than me.