Friday, July 17, 2009

So much to blog, so little time!

OK, I have so much to freakin' blog about and my damn job is really keeping me from doing so. Happily though, I have a job and want to keep it so working wins out over blogging today.

So for a quick review of things to come:
1. Bud vase recap. I think I might have overdone it on the bud vase purchases. I need to unpack and review. Note The Candyman unwrapping box one of THREE!

I totally think The Candyman has sexy forearms. How weird is that?

2. The Unabridged Bride Seminar I went to last night.
3. All the awesome stuff I learned and want to share from last night. Great stuff!
4. Shoe bling revisions.
5. OOT bag final decisions.

Other upcoming stuff:
1. My dress fitting is next week.
2. Meeting with my day-off planner this weekend.
3. Flower discussions.

Have a great weekend everyone! I promise "real"posts are forthcoming!

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