Monday, July 20, 2009

Start a Revolution

I have made a decision. No more bitching and no more whining. Period. At least, not when it comes to wedding stuff. I feel almost embarrassed about my "poor me" post from this weekend. What the hell am I complaining about?
  • I have an awesome fiance who, after 7 months of engagement hell, still wants to marry me.
  • We are both healthy and happy.
  • We are both employed.
  • We have a comfy roof over our heads.
  • We have money in the bank to pull this wedding off.
  • We have supportive friends and family who want to see nothing but happiness for me and The Candyman.
So I won't have a shower or bachelorette party - so what? I'm tired of feeling all "woe is me" about it. I really need to take CJ's words to heart (from my last post about the Unabridged Bride Workshop) and stop "torturing myself with tradition." I've never been traditional in my life before, why start now?

I have friends here who are willing to help. I'm just not willing to let go and let people help me. Um, hello - control freak! I'm done with that. I'm already planning a girlie get together to work on OOT bags with some local friends in a few weeks. Why torture myself and The Candyman with a project (let's face it, ironing transfer paper is probably not his thing) when a few bottles of wine, some willing girlfriends and some irons will get the trick done in no time?

So, no more complaining. No more WPM's. It took me seven months to figure it out, but I think I finally have. It's all about the love. So, I'm a bit of a hard-headed, slow learner. I eventually get it.

Wanna start the Wedding Planning Revolution (WPR) with me?


  1. I'll start it with you. Please let me know if you want some help- I'd be more than happy to lend a hand!

  2. And we can totally have a bachelorette party if you want one!

  3. I can see not having a shower since you ARE thirty-something and probably have a bunch of stuff already which is really the purpose of those things. :) But, why aren't you having a bachelorette party? Who doesn't like a bachelorette party?

  4. WOOT revolution! Totally in on that one.
    We're not having a wedding shower either... and I really don't mind. BUT my mom wants to throw a wedding 'party' for those people she'd like to invite- I told her the one rule- no gifts allowed, lots of BBQ, wine and beer!!! :)

  5. Whoop, Vive la Revolution!

    You don't need to call it a shower?!

  6. I thought your post from the weekend was really sweet and touched what so many of us go through. I agree with the no complaining only I didn't see it as complaining at all...we reserve the right to vent once in a while! That post was totally real and timely and I appreciated it. :)

  7. Hey girl! I was your cocktail waitress at Jonathan's last week! You were asking what my venue was so here it is...The Red House in Franklin
    Love your blog!