Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What to Do with the 'Do?

What the hell am I going to do with my hair? I have no earthly idea. The Candyman likes when I leave it down and pull the front part back into a clip in the back. Not going to happen. My hair cannot be trusted to look smashing when it is down for any length of time unless it is stick straight. It must go up.

Here is what I've got to work with:
  • Curly-ish hair that will get pretty curly with a diffuser. If I let it air dry I look like white-trash growing out a spiral perm. You know what I'm talking about, right? It looks bad.
  • I have a lot of hair. This surprises people who work with my hair for the first time. It's also thin. Lots of thin hair - great.
  • I can straighten my hair really easily without frizz or anything, which is nice, but time consuming.
  • I kind of want my hair to be curly and natural the day of The Big Show, but I don't trust it to behave. It never does the same thing twice.
  • I do NOT want any sort of ribbon curl to be found anywhere on my head. I hate them. They make me feel like those horrid dolls that strange, Canadian women collect and display all over the house. They have the frilly petticoats and eyes that follow you. Some people fear clowns. I fear dolls.
  • I have to have a low bun that is rather large. I say have to but I suppose I don't have to. It's just that a low, large bun hides the fact that my ears stick out. That makes me less self-conscious and that would be good on my wedding day too.
Here is a montage of wedding hair that I do not want. I will not credit this photo for fear of someone wanting these hair styles. None of these looks natural at all. It just looks crusty and stiff. I do not want to look crusty and stiff on my wedding day.

Here are some ideas of what I do want for my hair.

This one is a little stiff for me, but I like the braid element.

My hair and make-up trial with Sherita Leslie is on the 8th, so I need some sort of game plan. I do know that the veil needs to be low. The veil is also going bye-bye after the ceremony so the 'do must work with a hair toy after the veil comes off.

I do believe the hair toy issue has been solved.......wait for it......


  1. i vote #2 and #8. so pretty. i love them. i might steal them, actually.

    my hair trial is also on the 8th. day of pretty-ness for us!

  2. We want the same hair. I love how you made a board of what you DONT want. It's just as important- if not more, than what you do want. Kudos (again) to you, Louise! Is it okay if I call you my wedding planning inspiration/idol? You say exactly what I want to say.

  3. I really like these buns/chignons...very pretty. I know how you feel I would be more comfortable with my hair up, but FH loves to see my hair down and I really want to look perfect for him.

  4. I love #2 and #6. Oh I took notes from the things you do not love collage . No spiral crunchy curls for you.lol See you on the 8th :).

  5. #2 and #8 are my favorites - lovely.

  6. I really like them all - definitely think im going to go down the same sort of route. Im taking my veil off too so maybe I need a hair-toy too!