Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bridal Show Fun

Sunday was Weddings - Bridal Show held at the Nashville Convention Center. It was a ton of fun! In a quick post from Sunday, I mentioned that I went with Liza from Maiden to Married, my bridal coach. We ate way too much cake, but had a great time chatting up friends and making new ones!

Welcome, Liza!

Tasting cake samples along the way, we stopped by my photographer's booth Jonathon Campbell Photography. This next two shots are courtesy of JCP!

Check out Jonathon's hottie wife Sharon and her awesome red shoes!

While we were chit-chatting away, I saw Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide wandering around with one of her brides. We got ready for a photo op of brides and bloggers when Jessica, The Budget Savvy Bride walked past! We nabbed her too and got a great shot of all!

L to R Jessica, Louise, Liza, Ashely, Jen (I think that was her name! Sorry!).

Ashely and her shameless promotion!

Heather and Eugene Brown of 2Duce2 Videography. Their stuff is amazing!
And I'm sure that these two will have something to say about me not having a videographer at my wedding (budget), but it was fabulous to meet these two. Eugene is a hugger. Heather follows my blog. I want this couple to be my new best friends.

Spooning at the mattress booth. We thought it was funny.

Good times.

We met a ton of people, all of whom I can't recall, but will do my best! Maples Wedding Cakes is of course, a Nashville go-to for gorgeous cakes. We ran into Zach and Jody Gray of Gray Photography and had a great conversation with Zach about marriage, albeit a brief one! Party Booths was big fun, as you can tell from me and Liza, hamming it up in my earlier post. OK, so maybe we hammed it up all over the show. I mean, come on! We were totally hopped up on butter cream and chocolate. What else were we supposed to do? Thanks to all for a great time!

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