Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Etsy Sellers

I am on the hunt for what I have always referred to as "hair toys." Ponytail holders, barrettes, scrunchies (it was the late 80's), clawclips, whatever - they are all hair toys to me. Sort how all farm yard fowl are "chickens." Don't ask.

I am searching for the macdaddy of all hair toys - the Wedding Day Hair Toy. Thus, my recent time spent on Etsy. The lovely Sarah Elizabeth has been kind enough to remind me of sites when she sends them to me. And then sends them to me again when I lose them or forget to bookmark.

At any rate, I've noticed an alarming and freakishly scary thing about those Esty sellers: the model heads they use to display their wares.

The best of the offenders.
This one is not so bad really. Decent hairstyle, but the soft wrap and no shoulders is distracting.

The dead, dead soul wearing a lovely orchid.

This reminds me of Japanese anime. Big, giant eyes and snap-on hair.

Really? No, really? Is there anyone out there who would actually purchase this product based on this display? This actually scares me a little bit.

So just to be clear, not busting on the product. Just thinking a living model, of any kind, would be better than the very scary heads used in some of the photos. I'm just sayin'.

I did not source any of these photos to protect the innocent and guilty.

P.S. As most of you know, I have a PhD in sarcasm. This post falls into that category.


  1. You're hilarious! We missed you last night!

  2. LOL so true! I also find it quite alarming!!!

    Good luck with your dress fitting today!!!

  3. Louise - Thanks for saying something b/c I was thinking the same thing! Very freaky. Can't they use friends instead?

  4. I am laughing out loud reading this. Almost to the point where tears are forming. I totally feel you on this!

  5. He he he. I often think people use the most random eyeless heads to promote their "beauties."