Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday!

I bet y'all thought I forgot.

Well, I did. Until just now. And it's still Wednesday, so I can just get it in!

Hm, what do I wish for today? Hm. Generally I give this a little thought and do a little research, today? Not so much. Ever since I've been back from the trip, it's been go! go! go! all the time.

Perhaps I'm wishing for a little down time. Actually, what I'm wishing for is a facial. Seriously. And a really great hydrating hair masque. My hair just gets ravaged overseas. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the water. It has to be. Whatever the case, I end up looking like Rosanne Rosanadan by the time I get home.

At any rate, I've been feeling like I've been sporting layer of dry skin over my face that just won't go away, even with tons of exfoliation.

Liza from Maiden to Married recommends The Woodhouse Day Spa in Franklin, specifically The Organic Peel. Sounds good to me. I pulled these images off their website. It looks quite relaxing, I must say.

Photographs by Micheal Lewis and Tyler Andrews

So, while I'm wishing for a facial and hair masque, I'm also going to wish for a massage, seaweed body wrap and a mani/pedi. I need a pedicure something awful.

While we're discussing beauty regimens, I thought I might mention I've schedule my hair and make-up trial for early next month with my make-up artist extraordinaire, Sherita Leslie. I have no idea what I want. I suppose that will be forthcoming in future blogs. Hair up or down? False eyelashes or no? Gloss or stain?
All I know is that the two times I've spoken with Sherita, I've been cracking up each time. That's got to be a good karma sign if ever there was one.

Ciao, people. My Tylenol PM kicked in about 10 minutes ago.


  1. I love me some Louise Blogging! You just gave a shout to Gilda Radner and I freaking lost it! I almost spit my chocolate shake out!

  2. ooh, a massage sounds wonderful!

    Hope you dont mind but i have been following you for the last month or so and just tagged you -

  3. Oh that looks so divine right now. I just booked a massage for the weekend. Cannot wait. Also in desperate need of a facial.