Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Quickie Question


Mornin' ladies.

The sleepy Thirty-Something Bride is posting early this morning. I've got to head down to Atlanta today to the Merchandise Mart for a trade show. I'm only there for a night, so still have the weekend for wedding planning activities, of which I believe I'm behind on.

The good news is that the Atlanta Mart has wholesale jewelry and "cash and carry" booths that I plan to visit to hopefully find earrings and hair accessories for The Big Show. Wish me luck.

So the question: when the hell do I send out my invitations? My wedding is October 11, 2009. The RSVP's are due back Spetember 15th (I'm hoping this was a good date to choose). How soon should I send them out? I was thinking August 1. My mom thinks they should have gone out already. Anyone know what I should be doing?

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  1. 6-8 weeks is the recommended timing. my wedding is 9/12 and i still haven't sent mine. (next week though!!)

    and p.s. - have fun in ATL, you might see some kirkland's peeps while you're there! :)

  2. I was going to say what the future mrs. smith said. I've read 6-8 weeks out is the best time. Farther out if most of your guests will be traveling long distances.

  3. 6-8 weeks is the best. I just made sure mine were out 2 months before the big day (so one month before you should have your RSVPS back) Hope that helps!!

  4. As everyone else has pointed out, you've got plenty of time. I think you should aim for sometime between August 1-11

  5. I agree with mildlycrazy and say between August 1 to 15.

    They usually say 6 - 8 weeks but it really depends on the situation. For instance, my wedding is Sept. 5th but our final count is due 3 weeks prior so I sent the invites out June 24 and set my due date to July 27 so that my Mom and I had enough time to make sure we had responses from everyone.

  6. YUP - everyone above seems to have it right. If people have to travel, aim more for the 8 weeks.

  7. Mine is October 3 and I haven't sent them out...ours is a destination wedding so it should probably be sooner?! I am going to try to address them and get them out next week...

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I am SO SO SO Sorry that I didnt reply for the tickets!!
    I haven't checked my blog this week, & should have left you my email! I am such a loser!!! I am so so so sorry!
    I would have LOVED to save $12!!

    I suck.
    I hope you had fun!! :)