Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Weekend

No, not THAT Big.
Photo credit here.

It's a big weekend. The Candyman and I have a cake tasting tomorrow at a little joint called Sweet 16th - A Bakery. We have our engagement shoot with Jonathon and Sharon on Sunday down in Leipers Fork. I have lots of printing to do for favors. I still am needing cute shoes for the e-shoot and I cannot find any that are just right. Dang. I need to find some sort of boob-lifting-cleavage-creating device for my dress. And shoes. I need wedding shoes too. I know The Candyman wants to lay tile in the backyard too. Like I said, it's a big weekend. Stay tuned, party people.


  1. Good luck with everything! I wish I could be there to shop with you while the Candyman lays tile!

  2. You are officially my hero for posting that photo of Chris Noth. That makes my heart happy. (And, not that it matters, but people randomly say my husband looks like him. I think it's just because they both have bushy eyebrows.) HAVE A SUPER FANTASTIC SHOOT!