Friday, May 29, 2009

*Insert Ear-Piercing Scream Here*

Even though my awesomely awesome photographer Jonathon and he equally awesome wife Sharon are on vacation, they posted a sneak peek of our engagement shoot on their blog. I have, of course, been stalking their blog ever since the shoot. I wanted to crawl out of my skin in anticipation! Click on the pics to make them big.

Jonathon took this one on a lonely road on the way to Leipers Fork. Well, we thought it was lonely. There was quite a bit of traffic for a Sunday afternoon!

I love this photo! I think I was balanced on the side of a hill for this one, but I'm not sure. The Candyman looks so handsome, it kills me.

Sharon, Jonathan, thank you so much for my sneak peek and for the fabulous time during the photo shoot. You two are top notch.


  1. Louise, wow! The last picture is so sweet and the the way that you're looking at each other is the stuff of Hallmark cards. Congrats on great pics!

    p.s. I think I will drop by the Saks sale because I LOVE dresses. Have fun in Asia! My brother is there now so maybe I need to get him on this fan business (unless I win your lovely contest as well, hehe)!

  2. They turned out great. Hopefully we get to see more soon :)

    Also, thank you for all the advice yesterday. I appreciate it. Send more my way too!

  3. FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to see the rest!!

  4. Ohhh... i love the pictures. i can not wait to see more!!! :)

  5. They're gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest!