Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Guayabera, A Cake, Dirt and Tuxedos

Not a crappy weekend, just lots of crap to do!
That's exactly what it was - a weekend filled with wedding to-dos. I have to admit though, now that the big tasks are done (see The Big Five in my very first post), I'm having a lot more fun with it!

This weekend:
  • We did the tux thing at The Men's Warehouse.
  • I baked trial cake numero dos.
  • I started my invitation assembly.
  • The Candyman moved a hella-lotta dirt out of the backyard.
  • The Candyman and I found a super-cool newish men's resale shop in Nashville, called Flip.
  • We bought wines to "taste" and potentially buy mass quantities of at Frugal MacDoogal.
  • We drove over to East Nashville to visit my friend Trisha at her vintage shop The Hip Zipper.
  • Discussed The Big Show ceremony plans and weekend schedules.
  • We also cleaned the hell out of the house and went to the grocery - not quite the wedding related to-do, but it was a busy weekend!
I mentioned last weekend that I was going to go Vintage shopping. Trisha, owner of The Hip Zipper had a lot on her plate with a sick doggy, so we postponed to this weekend. I had sent the incredible Trisha B. a few snaps of some Lucite bags I was looking for a lo and behold, this little number was presented to me!

Miss Trisha worked her Vintage Magic and got me the exact purse I was looking for! It's so awesome. I can't believe she nagged this for me. I love the elegance of it and it's the perfect size. It's in great condition, no cracks and a good clasp. THANK YOU TRISHA! My first wedding gift - and so generous!
We had a little fun at the Zipper with me and my continual hunt for antique eyeglass frames:

The prescription on these was so strong, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open long enough for The Candyman to take a picture!
Then I tried this little number on (it was tight!). I have my shirt on underneath so the top looks a little puffy. I SO WISH the skirt was an inch or two bigger in the hips.

The Candyman bought a super-fly Guayabera Shirt. It's a Cuban style wedding shirt - sort of apres peaux, no? :)

I'll have updates on all of the goodies we worked on coming up this week! So much to blog about, so little time. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Who else was knee deep in Wedding Crap?

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