Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Madness!

OK, so I have become addicted to Polyvore and ShopStyle. More on that later, but I felt I should share, just in case I need an intervention of some sort.

The Candyman and I had a great long weekend! It started off on Thursday with amazing news for The Candyman! We celebrated with sushi at our local sushi place called Minami. The restaurant is so small and so near our house, it's our favorite last-minute-celebration-go-to-spot!

I came home Friday afternoon to see The Candyman had finished laying the tile in our backyard and it looks good! I knew we'd be planting something this weekend.

Saturday, The Candyman and I went to have brunch and run errands, but the "run errands" part turned into, "let's go vintage shopping and pretend we're running errands."

Sunday we did brunch again, then actually ran some errands. We headed over to my friend Philip's house and helped him enjoy his gorgeous patio and a great dinner.

Monday, we planted. I napped.

In between all that fun, I managed to completely finish my invites, print and cut my recipe cards and thank-you tags I'm planning on using for my favors. I started printing my menus, but haven't gotten far. Um, hello. Did I not just mention Polyvore?

I also bought a pair of potential wedding day shoes. I found them on Zappos via ShopStyle. As an interesting note, I was blabbering to The Candyman about the shoes, where I found them, etc. He mentioned that "zapatilla/zapato" is Spanish for shoe. Is that the source of the name for Zappo's? Me wonders......

Here's the visual update!

I got these at Zappos for under $80! Keep your fingers crossed that they fit and that the heel isn't too high. Great thing about Zappos is that return policy! They were listed as "new" on Thursday (I think) and I got the second to the last pair of blue 8-1/2's!

My favorite!

The Candyman and I headed out to the 12th Avenue South area in Nashville to do our non-errand errands. We ended up at Savant Vintage Couture (I'd link, but she's so retro, she doesn't even have a website!) where I found these lovely, seed pearl purses and the feather and pearl hat. You like? ;) Maybe a little much.....

Newly potted pretties!

The Candyman finished the tile on Friday and we worked on some flowers this weekend. We still need to figure out what to do on the left side. I'm thinking more boxwood bushes like we did by the stairs. See below:
Boxwoods. Clearly, our grass has some patch-issues. We're working on it! Our little postage-stamp backyard will be awesome soon!

Basil, flowers and rosemary.

I hope everyone had a fabulous long Memorial Day weekend! A shout out to my pop, The Colonel. Twenty-five years of service, including a year in Vietnam, Marine Corps Fighter Pilot. Thanks, Dad!


  1. Louise,
    When you come to CA again, make me take you to Lina G's in Morro Bay - the shop I call the funky fiber store. Lots of vintage lace, fabric, etc.