Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soul Mates

So, I was cruising around different wedding blogs looking for divine inspiration (haven't found it) and found this groovy little gizmo over at The Preppy Wedding. Mrs. Preppy has been MIA on the bridal blogging side, but she's about to have a baby, so we can forgive her this transgression, right?
She posted about these amazing doodads called SoulMates. You slide the little suckers on your heels and you don't sink into the grass! How awesome is that? I really wish I'd had these at my brother's wedding. It was a backyard affair and I was definitely sinking. I wish I was looking up in this photo instead of watching my footing!

I think these would be great for outdoor weddings, graduations, outdoor parties, etc. Brilliant. Why can't I think of these amazing things?