Monday, May 4, 2009

This One's for the Boys!

OK, so I'm still riding the ABG high, so it's tough to concentrate on a new post. Happily, I'm a multi-tasking fool, so will joyfully ride the blog-call-out-high while I update on wedding stuff.

This weekend The Candyman and I were hitting all corners of Nashville to get all the things on the check-list crossed off in permanent ink. First on the agenda was tuxedos.

Now, here is where I can hopefully help brides plan a little to avoid the "color conflict" which arose around tuxedo time between me and The Candyman. You know when you get engaged and all the wedding planning stuff is swirling around in your head? Strangers are grabbing at your newly-blinged left ring finger. Your Facebook page is blowing up with hearty congratulations. And you start planning. Your little mind starts chugging away like that little blue train, Thomas. You know you did. It's OK, we all did.

So, like a lot of women out there, you set to it. You know exactly where you'll wed, who your bridesmaids will be, all that stuff. For a Thirty-Something woman like me, not so easy. I had absolutely no preconceived notion as to what I wanted in a wedding. None. Zippo. I couldn't picture myself as a bride. I had no vision. I knew what I didn't want and that was about it. I blame this lack of insight as the cause of my aforementioned WPM (Wedding Planning Meltdown).

But I am digressing, big time. My point in all this is that at some early stage in the wedding planning game, you come up with a theme or colors. You want to have yourself a red, white and blue Fourth of July wedding? You go for it! But, if in that vision you see your betrothed honey-bunny wearing a red striped tie with a blue and white seersucker suit, you gotta let him know. Pronto.

I told The Candyman that we were doing a neutral color theme. I showed him the photo of the cake that was the inspiration to the color scheme. This is the one:

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart, I think.

He liked it. He commented on it more than once because I showed it to him more than once. I've even posted it here twice now! He saw our chocolate brown and ivory invites and place cards and programs. What guys don't compute is that we plan to color-coordinate the whole shebang. If we decide that chocolate brown, ivory and sandalwood (OK, it's freakin' beige, alright?) are our colors and you nod your head several times, we think you are on board with us. This is not so . You need to tell your betrothed muffin-puffin that he is to WEAR said colors, or a combination thereof. GRAY is not an option in the chocolate brown, ivory and sandalwood (ahem, BEIGE!) color story. No, it is not.

As a well-meaning bride, I opted to stay neutral, like my colors, and attempt to consider gray as a possibility. The Candyman, I'm sure, will disagree with my Canada-like stance on the tuxedo color issue. But in all seriousness, it's The Candyman's wedding day too. The guy's gotta feel like he looks like a million bucks, just like I want to feel like I look like a million bucks. It's why I blew the budget on my dress. I just couldn't find a dress that made me feel like a million bucks for $850. No, I could not.

So, we hit up the Men's Warehouse in Green Hills. There was a little miscommunication as to why we were there (they didn't realize The Candyman was the groom). At first, we were working with this guy The Candyman could have picked up and put in his pocket. Seeing them working together tickled my funny bone.

The Candyman is just REALLY tall.

Once we had the measurements taken and they realized that The Candyman was the guy in charge, we got handed off to another girl (yes, girl) who really didn't get it. Or me. I'll admit it, I was a little snippy. I just hate it when people waste my time and don't listen, especially if I'm the customer. She wasn't horrid or anything like that, I just wish that the dude who was helping us to start with had stayed around. That's all.

So we looked at black tuxedos with ivory vests/ties with ivory shirts, ivory vests/ties with white shirts, white shirts with brown vests/ties, ivory shirts with brown vests/ties and yes, a gray vest/tie with a white shirt. The winning combo was the ivory shirt, vest and tie with a black, 2-button, satin lapel, notched collar tuxedo. Sweet.

The Candyman is going to be one fine Southern Gentleman is this ensemble. You can bet your Sweet Tea on it.
More weekend shenanigans tomorrow! Anyone putting their grooms in colors they might not be excited about (i.e. pink)?