Thursday, May 21, 2009

Red Hot Orangina and Purple Passion Party

I've mentioned before that I'm in the design biz....I need to use the term "designer" sparingly. Basically, I design and develop home decor products. I don't do any sort of technical design. I sketch poorly but can get the gist across. I have great ideas in my head that I translate to true designers overseas who then bring my creations to life both on paper and physically. I'm leaving in a few weeks to go review next seasons designs. I've been sending over all sorts of color boards and trend ideas. I started incorporating lots of wedding photos I've found because there are so many great looks out there that convey a fabulous color story. Here are two that I thought I'd share.

I call this one Red Hot Orangina. Blood red, orange and pink are HOT!

I call this one Purple Passion Party. Purple is huge in Europe right now. I'm showing it mixed with pink (it extends the Red Hot Orangina color story).

The funny thing is that I call story boards by these quirky little names (everyone in my field does this) and no one in China/India/Taiwan/Vietnam knows what the heck we're talking about. They just want Pantone numbers. I'm so much more organic than that. Most times "organic design" is difficult to communicate, but I work with some great artists. It's amazing how much you can say without words, but with a sketch pad and pencil.

P.S. Seems like the photos are showing sort of pixelated. Sorry about that! Not sure why as my original image is pixel-friendly.

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