Friday, May 8, 2009

ThurFriday with Photographers, Bloggers and The Candyman

Shhhhhhh...don't type so loud!

So the wine-tasting event held at Casa de Thirty-Something Bride and The Candyman went very well last night. Considering how last minute this little fete was, I think it was a rousing success!

Farm cheese, Camembert and grapes.

This little gathering was more than just wine tasting, it was a meeting of the Bridal Blogging Minds of Nashville.

*Note to self: we should start a club as such and call ourselves the BBMN's. I'm appointing myself Social Secretary.*

After some sporadic emails between myself, some other local bridal bloggers and my photographer, I realized very quickly that there were several of us who were all planning different meetings at different times. I figured, let's all get together in one spot at one time and drink some wine while we do it. I think everyone was "mission accomplished" by the end of the evening and I got great feedback on possible wedding wine selections!
The attendees were:
Me and The Candyman
Liza, from Maiden to Married
Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide
Jonathon and Sharon Campbell from Jonathon Campbell Photography
Tabitha from Life* a la Mode

Sharon, Ashley and Jonathon

What I can't believe is that this little gathering lasted FIVE hours! If it wasn't a school-night, we could have lasted a lot longer, I think. Or not. My head is certainly not happy with me and I hear something greasy, cheesy and fried calling my name for lunch, that is for certain. I didn't take pictures until late in the evening, so didn't get as many action shots as I'd hoped for. Everyone took turns with JC's camera and he's promised me pics to post. He might be busy nursing his own ThurFriday headache right now! Hair of the dog, my friend. Do not discount it.

As I mentioned in my last post about the booze, there were 5 official contenders:
Puerto Viejo Chardonnay, Menage a Trois Chardonnay, Sacred Stone Red Blend, Montes Malbec, and Grao Vasco Dao. Tabitha brought over a bottle of Yard Dog white blend. I screwed up and served that last so I don't think it got a fair shake in the taste-test. Here are the results:
Ashely: Viejo as the Best White, Doa as the Best Red
JC: Viejo as the Best White, Montes as the Best Red (tied with the Dao)
Sharon:Viejo as the Best White, Montes as the Best Red
Liza: Viejo as the Best White, Montes as the Best Red (tied with the Dao)
Tabitha: Viejo as the Best White, Montes as the Best Red
T30SB: Viejo as the Best White, Montes as the Best Red
The Candyman: He drinks Sweet Tea, period.

The culprits. Don't blame ME, blame the WINE!

The clear white winner was the Viejo which would be $8.09 per bottle after The Wedding Discount. Not bad! I need to give Yard Dog another quick taste tonight to see if it needs more consideration. OF COURSE, the red that would win is the most expensive! The Dao was a close second and is super affordable, so I might give that a longer thought. The Malbec was such an easy drink though. Hmmm....

I've got to head out today for Comp Shopping (yes, I get paid to SHOP!), but I wanted to post this early to thank everyone for coming over last night for a wonderful ThurFriday event! We talked some shop, but mostly got to know one another a little better. It really was a good time for me and The Candyman and I hope everyone else had fun too. I would like to do it again soon. Thanks everyone for a wonderful gathering. Happy Weekend to All!


  1. Urgh. I want to get paid to shop. That's always been my dream job.

    Where do I sign up?

  2. Yes, we are BBMN. And you would make a PERFECT Social Secretary. I love it!