Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"I Wish" Wednesday

Hm...maybe this will be a new thing for me. Maybe on Wednesdays, I'll write about what I wish I could have at my wedding. Not that I am planning on being unhappy about my wedding or that my wishes aren't being granted. Maybe it should be called "If Money Grew on Trees" Wednesday, but I prefer the alliteration, don't you?

To the Wish Wednesday at hand.....

I stumbled across a local designer here in our fine city of Nashville named Olia Zavozina (say it three times fast) who is the maker of the loveliest of wedding gowns. Check this out!

Here's the skinny on Olia:
She is a Russian born designer currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her designs have been featured in US Weekly, Life & Style, Good Morning America, Nashville Lifestyles, VIP Franklin, The Tennessean, and All the Rage Nashville. She has advertisements online at The Knot , The Wedding Channel as well as upcoming print ads in the Pink Book and Premier Bride. This lady is getting around! The crazy thing is, she doesn't look much older than a college co-ed, yet her designs are clearly classically beautiful and spot on.

As a recent bride herself, she understands what a brides go through. Her goal is to make a bride's life easier. The initial dress consultation is complimentary. Olia will meet with the bride (you can bring you mom or your friends) to see what kind of wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses the bride is looking for.

During the consultation, the bride describes her wedding and her perfect dress. Olia puts the bride's thoughts together with her vision into one or two design options. If the bride really knows what she is looking for Olia can design a dress during the first consultation. However, if the bride still needs time to research, Olia can work around that. Olia and the bride can reference a catalog of fabric swatches for fine silk and lace she has in stock as well as fabrics to special order. Zavozina goes that extra step to find the perfect fabric and style to create The One. Of course, certain fabric and laces are more expensive than others and can affect the total price.

Olia's wedding gowns range from $1,500 to $10,000. In addition to wedding gowns, Olia offers bridesmaids dresses, MOB dresses, flower girl dresses as well as cocktail dresses ranging from $500 to $2,000 depending upon materials and design details. It usually takes about 10 to 12 weeks to custom order a dress, however it appears she's knocked one out in a week before! Can you imagine?!?

The great thing about Olia is that she is willing to work with a bride at any price level. How awesome is that? Custom tailoring for a perfect fit. Nice.

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  1. Beautiful! I hate that the dresses I love are all super expensive. I went dress shopping with my friend and I was shocked at how "cheap" some of the $1,000 gowns felt. Like you, I wanted to spend less than $1,000. Big HA in my face!